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  1. June Picture Thread

    Nice dude. Always wanted the One or Viva but seemed to be locked into Liquid Force. Havent been out that way toward Boca and Stampede in years, heard the water level was still down. Been going to Frenchmanns quite a bit over the last few years. I know the water level will always be good and minimal boaters during the week days.
  2. June Picture Thread

    Hey 775 surfer, is that Frenchmanns?
  3. New Board to Check Out: Airbaze Next

    It does look like the original flyboy with a different fin setup. The others look exactly like the Hazen and Comp1 by Shred Stixx.
  4. Zombies

    You guys got me hooked on this series. It's up there with Spartacus now. Just finished the first season. My buddy was sayin that everyone is infected That's why the normal deaths still turn to walkers.
  5. http://www.collegehumor.com/video/6643191/batman-chooses-his-voice
  6. New Music

    http://www.metacafe....knee_hurts_now/ Personal favorite
  7. flyboy wakesurf board

    The fins on the Fly Boy are angled making it a board that you have to pump. Gettsum, can you gain speed by pumping this board or is it similar to the sweetspot where you lean forward and it takes off. Thinking of getting one this summer.
  8. How the mighty have fallen

    Grew up watching this guy ride. He was an animal. No one charged it harder than this guy. Sucks he and his family got caught up in this stuff. First and as far as I know the only rider to do the 540 orbital wich is a rotation over the rope. Cant find footage of the orbital but check this out, S bend like a Boss.
  9. Shredd Stixx for $199

    Great deal but these boards are designed for river surfing. Bio said built like thresher but thicker so it can hold those standing waves in the river. Wonder how it would ride behind the boat.
  10. Want to plumb in an 1100 lb jumbo sac in the port. Will this be good enough? Anyone have experience with these? http://www.wakemakers.com/kiss-complete-impeller-780-ballast-package-html.html
  11. Danny Harf Defy Movie

    Looks pretty good, might have to get it. I want to ride at Radar lake.
  12. Uh oh. We are gonna need a recount from the state of florida.
  13. Hey Columbian Surfer and DestoDave, where you at. I need some votes for the black and blue boat.

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