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  1. Need New Carpet-Suggestions

    What's the ballpark cost for a Deckadence kit? I'm trying to figure out if I should replace before selling my boat in a year or two or just pass along the crappy old carpet to the next owner. I need to make as much as possible to put towards something new, so it's one of those decisions to help bring added value.
  2. Slingshot Response Wakeboard - STOKED!

    I got the 2012 model. The rep said beyond the graphics, the 2012 and 2013 are identical in construction/tech. Not certain what I'm going to do with binding selection. I bolted up my Ronix Kai open toes and I'm not real happy with the mounting bolt situation. Too few threads using the Slingshot bolts (smaller than Ronix) and the Ronix degreed tooth adapters. I'm really eying the Slingshot closed toe R.A.D. setup with heat moldable liners. Probably gonna try them out - why not!?
  3. Looking for an Enzo sv 223 or 230

    Ran across this Enzo SV230 for sale in Oregon... $49k with 53 hours.
  4. ACME 525?

    Still need to get it in to the Prop Shop. They should be able to clean it up back to factory spec - or so they say. We'll see.
  5. I snatched up a Slingshot Response wakeboard at the Seattle Boat Show this last week. I've been really interested in the new technology boards and the Slingshot rep made me a deal I couldn't pass up. I love my Ronix Mana, but if everything about the Slingshot holds water, I'm pretty certain it will be my new ride. I can't beleive how much flex the thing has - it should return all of the energy right back off the lip of the wake and be a lot softer on the knees. Anyone ridden the Slingshot line?
  6. A new toy

    Sweet build sheet.
  7. New Exile XM9/Harpoon Tower Setup

    Thanks David. Much more comprehensive answer than "it's better" or "it's the bomb".
  8. New Exile XM9/Harpoon Tower Setup

    Thanks for everyone's input. Aside from the features between the in dash EQ's, what are the highlights in build quality? I've used older AudioControl gear without issues, however both Exile and WetSounds are new brand makes to me.
  9. New Exile XM9/Harpoon Tower Setup

    Yep - planning on it True. The ZLD (WS420 or AudioControl Three.2) all offer a great control package IMO. The KQ30 did the job for when I didn't have 2 zones. It's time to step up to the right hardware now.
  10. New Exile XM9/Harpoon Tower Setup

    Thanks Brian - I'll be in touch once I get closer to my install date. Planning on getting the ZLD before the install so it will all go in at the same time. I've currently got a Kicker KQ30 that I have managing my in-boat speaker levels and line voltage. I was planning on taking it out of the equation (replacing it with the ZLD) rather than add a second one to manage the tower along with a basic zone controller. Any thoughts on which path would be better. The up side for me is that everything at my finger tips from in-boat, tower and sub... The down side is the fine adjustments in frequency I'll be walking away from.
  11. New Exile XM9/Harpoon Tower Setup

    With the Black Friday deal and now the wholesale deal Exile threw out over the past couple weeks, I was able to get my tower setup well under way with a set of XM9's and a Harpoon to start out with for a lot less than what I was expecting to have to shell out later in Spring. I'm pretty stoked and looking forward to a complete rewire and tune of my stereo. Probably going to build a new enclosure for my sub while I'm at it. Still need to get a ZLD to use for tower/cabin level control and line balancing.
  12. black friday for boats

    Got a set of demos. Full warranty with Exile compared to no warranty from WS in their b-stock sale. I was on the fence to go Rev8 b-stock or XM9. 20% off made the choice easy... and the XM9 has the trick quick release 360 spin brackets.
  13. black friday for boats

    It's actually 20%... but factor in bundle discount to equal 35% on the big packages. (code "cybermonday") I finally pulled the trigger on a pair of XM9's with 20% off.
  14. Best Pullover or Side Zip Wakeboard Vests

    Looked in to the regs on wearing USCG approved jackets when riding. As mentioned, Cali requires with a penalty of $150. http://www.uscgboating.org/state_boating_laws.aspx I'll need to weight my options again. Roll the dice on a comp vest or stay in regs with a USCG... Hmmm.

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