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  1. You'll need more weight. I believe some have used 700's under the seats and added another 1000lb bag in the rear compartments
  2. We have on '06 with Switchblade. I honestly cant say I see a difference with it for the surf wave. If surfing is your goal then you will need Enzo sacks for the rear compartments (1400lbs each). Most will go through and remove the factory sprinkler valves in the rear to speed up the fill times. Search and there a tons of threads on this boat since it's known to make a great surf wave. As Packrat mentioned, the sideswipe can be annoying after awhile. There are a few options for internal baffles to quiet them down. Clean looking boat and we still love ours, deep v hull is great for big water if that is what you have.
  3. Evolution tower removed

    What brand of swivel racks?
  4. Well, a few too many hours on saturday pulling it apart, repainted and installed new riser gaskets/manifold gaskets and she runs perfect!
  5. Out on the water this weekend and stopped to swap riders. Stared boat up again and had a load tapping sound. Seemed to run fine (good temp, oil pressure, not miss firing) but definitely noisy. After some searching on here, it appears it may be the exhaust manifold gaskets. I have owned this boat for 5 years and it has 430 hrs on it (2006 Enzo). Seems that this was a common issue on the 5.7 liter and usually happened early on. Any others have this issue late in the game or just a common failure part?
  6. That tube provides water supply to the shaft seal. The water acts a lubricant for the prop shaft bearing.
  7. Removing Side Swipe

    So the GGB website is no longer public and you have to call. Are these the multi-disc inserts that go into the exhaust? And approximate cost?
  8. I hear ya! This is the one I was thinking of from TheMalibuCrew.com where they talk about the off gassing from the glue: http://www.themalibucrew.com/index.php?/forums/topic/55539-what-is-thiand-how-do-i-get-rid-of-it/&tab=comments#comment-839061
  9. The Good News: It's not a mold and won't affect anything. The Bad News: It's the glue and foam that discolors when its covered and heat is trapped. Only way is to replace it or some will use towels between the cover and vinyl or order a light colored boat cover, gray instead of black, to reduce heat. This is an issue on other boat brands as well.
  10. Looking to upgrade the cover on our '06 SV230. Who do you recommend? Anyone have ready made? TIA
  11. I think the paddle wheel is for speed only and my '06 has a transducer mounted on the bottom of the hull for depth and temp.
  12. Enzo 230 prop

    We're at roughly 3000ft in elevation with our '06 230 with switchblade and run the 1579 per Acme recommendations. Still pulls hard with a full crew and an Enzo sac.
  13. Sweet! I was wondering if the Nauticurl would work on our hull shape! Thinking of ordering one for our goofy surfers since I don't have an Enzo bag on the Starboard side.
  14. Fingers crossed that it's something relatively simple and not a new motor issue!!

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