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  1. Thank you for the information guys. The motor is the mercury motor and I will likely get started on it this weekend. Is there a preferred place to order parts online from? Thanks, Justin
  2. Crew, This is my first post on here as I just purchased a 2008 Enzo SV230. I am looking for help on what maintenance I should do to this boat to get it ready for the year. I am fairly mechanical and would prefer to do what I can myself. I have no maintenance records of the boat, but I do know that it was stored high and dry at a marina and was always regularly maintained by that marina. I have no idea when the impellor was done last or anything like that. Any advice on tools that make these jobs easier, what oils and filters I should be using, what the regular maintenance schedule should be, or even a factory guide would be great. I appreciate any information that anyone would like to come forward with. Thanks, Justin May

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