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  1. Discovery Bay next weekend!

    1. Nick213


      Lake Tahoe?

  2. No 2014 Elite V's

    Elite V !!!
  3. All new OEM fuel injectors should fix the problem..

  4. The Stargazer is all dialed in! Thank you Chad @ Cal Marine Sports in Fairfield for his expertise! I will attach pics next week of the dash with the unit installed..
  5. Heading up to Lake Tulloch tomorrow to test out the Stargazer and get some pulls in! Time to see how out of shape I am..

  6. I went with the STARGAZER! Woo-Hoo! Thanks CENTURION CREW ADMIN! You just helped me save some good $$$ by ordering through centurioncrew.com Thanks again CREW for the great input and knowledge. Once I receive the unit, I will reach out for some more knowledge and expertise on how to correctly install this bad boy...
  7. parts boat would be nice! Got a place to store the extra boat/trailer? I DON"T
  8. So is this saying that since my boat is older than 07', that it will not work? I'm a little confused... Is my boat a drive by wire? My 1990 Ski Centurion Falcon definitely was, you could feel the tension and pull in the throttle. New boat throttle feels like butter, and not just because of the chrome shift knob
  9. Once I instill my module (still slightly up in the air on which one), Where do most people put the gauge? Left or right side?
  10. Last Weekend at Anderson Dam

    A few shots of Anderson Dam last weekend, water is 78°
  11. + is that it is a V DRIVE. Is your current 98' a V DRIVE? I'm estimating about 10K in damage repairs. Considering extensive fiber glass repair, new glass, upholstry. That Taylor Made glass is not cheap.. That hull on that boat is a classic and proven design... It really depends on what your currently got, and if you have 10K to throw back into it.
  12. Good morning Crew! I am going to invest in a cruise control system in my Elite V this week. I am torn between Stargazer and Zero Off. Zero Off seems to be a few hunderd $$$ more than the stargazer. I don't think I need 3 event, just want to surf and wakeboard at a consistent speed, and have the wife be able to tow without me screaming at her from behind the boat... No current cruise control, speedometer has been sketchy last few trips last year. Paddle wheel is free'd up, the notorious silver knob seems to be inneffective... I want to get it ordered by this weekend, so I need some expert advise from the rest of the crew!
  13. elite v

  14. About to go in for the 100 HR service. Going to beat the rush and get in early!


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