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  1. I ment towerbiminis.com any one have experience with them? they told me they could do a factory one for about 900
  2. wheres a good place to order a bimini? anyone have experience with towerbiminis? I was gonna make an order or should I get one from the centurion?
  3. basically a tv in your dash that has gauges and what not on it
  4. was your gauges dead as well as the provision screen?
  5. any updates? im bringing mine in for warranty next week
  6. Anybody have a clue which one of the 2 it could be?
  7. Hey guys took the boat out yesterday and everything works great but the gauges and the pro vision screen in the dash... all the rocker switches worked and the engine starts fine? I recently had the boat at the dealer because they forgot to put the engine plugs back in when the winterized it, is it something else they might have missed? I also had the main battery switch rewired this season so it could be one of the 2 things as it was all working great last year......... HELP LOL
  8. Stereo system and charging upgrade questions

    Was this ever answered?
  9. 233's Stereo Under Construction

    Little update for the build we got the window tinted the other day im loving the look Also added a little addition for entertainment right now its jus a reg LED TV but we got a waterproof TV coming for the mount we jus used this one for mock up added a Clarion CMV1 for dvd output for the TV and a 3000watt power inverter.
  10. I have a black factory cover but it doesn't touch anywhere that's affected my stains are on the part of the seats where your butt would be, and it for sure wasn't there last year I detailed the boat right befor it went to storage
  11. i jus got my boat back from storage and there is pinks stains all over the white vinyl interior pieces? What is it from and how do I deal with it? they are gonna drive me crazy the 233 isn't even a year old
  12. VSR and large stereo bank

    sounds like it might be as easy as opening the switch/vsr and moving some wires around to the proper spots on the switch that woud be great would make my life easier JAX if you might be able to find that diagram that would be awesome
  13. VSR and large stereo bank

    yes we swapped the original for the pair of 6v nothing has changed to the wirering of the VSR/switch also added another 2 6v on a switch so i could run 2 (6v)nornally or turn on the switch and have a total of 4 (6v) stereo bank batteries running together if needed but we have never turned the switch on to run all 4 on for now they are just used for standby and keep them charged and shut off, ill post up model numbers tomorrow just curious where to start i guess with the internals of the switch ? after this summer im going down to 2 stereo bank batteries i think, i have never drained them even close when we have been out so far but we still havent gone on a vacation without shore power either but i am finding with there being so much battery weight in the observers cubby the boat likes to counter steer itself LOL
  14. VSR and large stereo bank

    i just wanna add i never took the boat out until the stereo was installed so i have no idea if this problem was happeninng befor or after the stereo install

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