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  1. Prop for 2007 Centurion

    The gear ratio switched sometime in 2005. Yours should have the 1:46. I just put the 1631 on my 06 Avy. Will try it out this weekend and I can let you know how it does. I’m running 1100 lbs in each locker, full Center, mission delta shaper at 900 ft elevation.
  2. Thanks Dan, and you are correct about the size, it was the Cyclone I was thinking of.
  3. Thanks Troy, did you have sideswipe?
  4. I think the typhoon may be a few inches narrower then the Avy... slightly less locker room. pretty sure I read that somewhere on this site. Do your bags fill the locker length wise in your typhoon or is there air space front or back of the locker? And from which company did you buy your bags from? Thank you!
  5. Hi everyone, new to the site and have a quick question. I just bought an 06 Avy C4 storm 3 and already want more ballast. It has the factory Center and rear hard tanks, I’m going to replace the rear locker tanks with 1100’s and just trying to figure out which ones will fit better. I do have sideswipe which I will build covers for before the bags go in. Now fatsacs are 50” x 24” x 24”. The ones that WakeMAKERS sells are 45” x 25” x 25”. I’m thinking the WakeMAKERS ones will be better as they are shorter to clear the exhaust... is this what everyone has been using? thank you!

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