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  1. jthops I just had my boat measured up for a new cover by Cory at Evolution Covers. If he has the pattern for the boat he can make the cover by giving him the measurements for the tower legs. He has a form on his website that describes the measurements he needs. When I was there in early Sept. he had just done a 2006 Elite V and had a C4 coming in to be patterned. Send him an email you may get lucky and he has the correct pattern. Great guy and his covers are 2nd to none, hence you may not get it until Spring. Worth a look and an email www.evolutioncovers.com
  2. I am planning on getting a new cover made for 2006 Elite Bowrider Direct Drive Airwarrior with Skylon Swoop tower. I have been emailing back and forth with Cory at Evolution Covers. He just sent me some pics of a boat he is doing now. It's a 2006 Elite V drive Airwarrior. As I look at them I swear that Centurion used the same top deck on both boats with just the fuel cap and some vents in different locations. Curious if anyone can confirm this? It would be nice to have to haul my boat to him if I don't have to. Thanks in advance.
  3. I just went through starting issues with my Black Scorpion. It would run all the pre-start fuel pump prime etc. but when you turned to start nothing. Sometimes start - sometimes nothing. I changed: 1) 50 amp breaker on engine - same issues 2) neutral saftey switch on transmission - same issues 3) ignition switch - same issue 4) starter slave soleniod - problem solved! Thankfully all parts very inexpensive but glad finally solveed the problem.
  4. Utah Mike Thank you for the input. I think I will try putting some wieght in the bow area..
  5. NIK 213 Thanks for the info. I will look into that.
  6. Copenglenn, Jake707 I do already have a 400 lb bag in the rear locker. I may just try another 500 lb bag in one corner and see how it is. Can always order more .
  7. I have a 2006 Elite Bowrider direct drive Air Warrior Edition. I decided to go with a direct drive 8 years ago when I bought the boat because I love water skiing. I am still a skier, however, would like to set it up better for surfing. The boat has a 400 lb ballast bag in the rear trunk which has been fine for wake boarding but not enough for surfing. I did purchase a Delta mission wake shaper this year at a boat show but think more ballast is still required. I am just wondering if a simple 400-500 lb sac in the rear corner is enough or do I need a bow bag as well? Any suggestions on the best ballast bags out there? Thanks
  8. In the end the old relay was fine. It was just the wire connectors were very poorly put on and loosened over time. Once I re-did the connectors it all works fine. I did end up buying a new relay at NAPA ($15) and will keep it in case of a future failure. now that all the electrical gremlins are solved it's time to investigate into a portable ballast bag and bump to help with my direct drive's surf wake!
  9. After a day working at it problems solved! Bilge pump was due to the connector behind the switch came loose. Pulled out the switch panel and could see it had come loose, reattach and good to go. The ballast water puppy pump not working was a result of the wires on the relay not connected well at all. Put all new ends on, crimped them and reattached. I honestly believe it was the ground wire from the relay back to the distribution block that was the issue,however, thought it was better to redo all the connectors. Back on the water tomorrow!
  10. An 06 Elite Bowrider and just hit 250 hrs.
  11. I am do for a new cover for my 06 elite bowrider, I may have to tow down to his place Mill Creek to get measured up.
  12. Having some ballast pump issues again. I replaced my drain pump with a new cartridge in the Mayfair pump and works great. At the dock I filled and drained the rear locker bag with no issues. Out on the lake I went to fill and my intake "water puppy" pump just stopped working. It has happened in the past and blown the 20amp HATCH fuse due to it being jammed but this time the fuse is good. Back at the dock I tried the volt meter and no power to the pump. I traced the large guage red and black wires and I believethey connect to a "Hella" 40 amp 12v relay under the dash. I noticed that the red from the fuse block to he relay looked loose and as I played with it it came right out of the spade on the relay. Interesting thing is that after I was playing with the relay and the red wire came loose my bilge pump stopped working. I tried jamming the wire back in but still nothing. I also attempted to slide the spade off the relay but it is on there tight! pulled the boat out of the water and will work on it tomorrow. Curious if anyone knows the purpose of the relay? Where a person can find a new relay? (I'm afrraid may damage it trying to get the spades off!) How is the bilge pump effected? Thanks
  13. Cultus Lake

    daz28iroc, demo9asx I know that some people rent cabins in the south end of the lake on VRBO. Some even have lifts to use while there. Awesome lake to spend a week, Mon- Fri you have it all to yourself. The key to the border is Nexus!
  14. DarksideR Thanks for the suggestion. I believe I am wired the same way because the puppy has blown the 20 amp Hatch fuse before (after long time no use and impeller stiff). I was just confused how a blown 5amp ballast fuse shut everything down. I replaced it and the puppy started working but drain pump still dead. Next time at the lake I am going to test to see if I have power to the drain pump. If it is dead I just got an email back from www.wakemakers.com and they suggested a $50 pump that will be a perfect replacement. Heck, may even change out the ballast hoses as well. Get rid of that cheap factory plastic tubing!
  15. I was looking at my Carlisle tires on my trailer and they look quite cracked. They are original from 2006, however, I don't trailer much each year. Curious if any Canadians have replaced their tires and what they replaced them with and where they found them. Thanks.

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