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  1. Being unaware of your exact situation, but I lock my boards on the rack. I built a cable using plastic coated cables with ferrules and made them the exact length I wanted with a small padlock. The cables/locks don't allow the boards to be slipped out if you make it the exact length. I know that someone could use a big set of lock cutters, but just seeing the locks will usually deter people. Just a thought.
  2. A friend just sent me the attached photo of his throttle control shifter. It's a 2002 Elite V. It appears the handle has come loose from the interior housing. Can anyone tell me if he needs to replace the whole mechanism, or is there some type of clip, nut, or other attachment that keeps it all together? Any help is appreciated.
  3. I have that same tower. Skyline Swoop Tower
  4. I got some extra ones that I added to the dash area from iboats.com. This site has always been good to me.
  5. Cap and Rotor part numbers

    Bigcatpt, best thing to do is go to the link below, click on "launch parts catalog", and put in your engine number. When you get the part number, go to iboats.com and enter the part number. They will give you the mercury and quicksilver cross reference. It has worked well for me. http://www.mercurymarine.com/parts-and-accessories/parts-catalog/ Click on "launch parts catalog"
  6. Here's what they found on the boat shop. After running for awhile, the vibrations was causing the filler tube plug/cap to loosen and then spewing fluid out. Once the fluid got low, it would start to slip. They put new filler cap/tube and there was another small leak they fixed and no more problems. You would have thought they would have noticed this, but boat shops can get lazy I guess. Thanks for the tips.
  7. I'm looking for a little advice for a friend who has a 2002 Centurion Elite V. Last month he took boat to repair shop to have leaking seal fixed in his transmission. Dealer took out transmission and sent to another guy to put all new seals in the transmission. When he got it back, the transmission now slips sporadically while under a load. The dealer has been dragging their feet on getting it done even though it appears to be their fault that it now slips. Anyone ever have this problem? Could this happen if fluid level is low? Can they really be put back together wrong and slip? I have looked at schematic of transmission and I don't see anything that would slip, as it looks like mostly gears. Any advice??? Thanks for the help
  8. It looks like a pro flight tower. Diameter would be 1 7/8.
  9. Manorial weekend

    Trinity Lake, State of Jefferson.
  10. I have a 2006 but I have a friend with a 2000 and he has the pro flight tower.
  11. I bought one from Aerial wakeboarding? and it works great. You can remove the whole thing except the collar on the tower for traveling. I have been happy with it and the price was reasonable.
  12. It is a good question, but a little short on answers......lol
  13. I am dealing with a similar problem and it appears to be the ECM, but your problem sounds electrical. I posted my question here also, it's under "ECM replacement?"

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