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    Just a follow up in case someone with a similar boat finds this thread and would like to know -- here's how I got my 07 Air Warrior Elite C4 to surf with plenty of push ... With only 3 people in the boat (driver, flagger, surfer) ... - 750lbs in both sides of the rear lockers - built-in center ballast filled (250lbs) - 400lb fatsac centered on the rear seat - 400lb fatsac centered on the floor in front of the rear seat - Ronix Eight.3 XL shaper (using 1" shim on lower chine) ... it surfs great on either side with this setup however the wave is definitely cleaner on the port side due to left-hand prop rotation The crowning glory moment came a couple of weeks ago when my friend with the 07 Mastercraft X-45 said "I wish my boat put out a wave like that" ... YES!!! Notes: 1) I did down-pitch the prop (from 4-blade 13.5 x 17.5 to an acme 537 [13.5 x 16]) as was recommended by acme (as I have a 1.46:1 gear box). I don't really think it made a huge difference but it probably helped some since I typically run at 4800 ft in elevation. 2) if I have 6-8 people in the boat I don't use the external ballast on the seat and floor, just put everyone on the back seat Happy surfing everyone and thanks so much for all the input!

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