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    XJ - Call supreme directly. When I was buying my boat I called them and I was able to get the regional sales rep to call me.(Not that my dealer wasn't awesome but I didn't know them well and I wanted to ask direct questions) He will take care of you. The dealer should be taking care of it and supreme PAYS them an hourly rate to do so.(and sends them the parts needed, if any)
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    I have seen very few unhappy and those who are have either had some odd issues that none of us are having and/or are just not getting the setup right. Before buying mine I started a thread here about it(It's down low somewhere). I was worried about a lot of things, such as the wave size and dropping the rope. This was my first season. I'm glad I looked into it so much but I can't say enough good things about the boat. I stuck my first 360 on the very last trip out(about two weeks ago now). If you were near me(NJ) I'd invite you out. The boat is awesome from top to bottom. Only side note - I have NOT ridden the wakeboarding wake but, are you going to go pro? If not, I think you will be fine with it. You definitely aren't going to get anywhere near the same surf wave on those other boats. Another local has an axis and their wave is $hit compared to mine. Hate to compare but when you are out there and see another person surfing, you just watch for a bit.

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