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  1. 17’ S238 surf setups

    Farthest from the boat is correct, yes. I changed mine this season. I have a 17 s238 as well. I use 100% on the QF and PNPs. No bow tank or bag at all. My tab is at 100. I have the wakemakers upgrade and 500lbs of lead from lead wake. I think I keep 400lbs under the surf side and the other 100 under the non surf side. Since I usually ride with only a driver and my young(light) kids, I also put a 450lb sumo on the floor. It's not needed but it makes a difference and I'm used to it. When I have a few friends with me to replace that 450, I leave it out.
  2. Sooooo, if I upgrade to say the wakemakers ballast package... Can I just use the extra 2 sacks I'm replacing as extra sacks when/if I need them? I assume they need to be on the floor but aren't there fittings and a pump I can just throw over? If not, what are you guys doing with your stock sacks when you upgrade?
  3. Can you post a link to amazon for these nets? Thanks!
  4. Set it to 10 minutes and fill, and also start a timer on your phone. Let it fill until it shoots out of the overflow. Overflows are cross plumbed so port will spill on the starboard side... You will never get the full 1100lbs because they don't really fit but leave the top open and watch it. I have the wakemakers upgrade so I have the extra sacks under the side seats which equal about 1000 and I'm set to 8 and a half minutes. You should probably end up right around the same time for the 1100.
  5. I was thinking of getting a go pro but they are pricey and I wasn't sure how much I would actually use it. Then I saw a $100 dash cam for a car in BJs and was wondering if that would work. Does anyone have a camera attached to their tower(or anywhere) to grab video? If so what are you using and how is the footage? I'm not interested in choppy unclear footage but I don't need 4k either. 1080p is probably fine. I'd like to be able to hit record and drive. Image stabilization might be helpful but not even sure about that as cell phone footage does well. Thanks!
  6. help

    I have a 2017 s238. You'll find a few threads here by me and some others who have the boat. It is my first surf boat.(I've had boats for years though) I learned on the boat but I grew up snowboarding and surfing so I didn't have a problem standing up. Just an issue with catching and tuning the wave for maybe the first 5 trips out. I love the boat. I found the windshield very helpful and I think I would miss it if I bought a new boat. I often pull up to the dock and am able to grab the rope and tie on easily. I also like being able to pull up to the surfer in the water and look over the side. I never got wet because of it and I love how different it looks from all of the other boats that have the rounded glass. The thing I was worried about most was the push on the wave. It does work stock but it's a beast of a boat and takes more weight than the stock setup to sink it down. I upgraded to the wake makers package and added 500lbs of lead. It was a game changer and I became addicted to it quick. I didn't have any issues with it. My family enjoyed the boat as well. We spend a lot of time anchored. I fill the QF tanks to sink the platform and the kids love swimming right up onto it. I can't really say anything bad about it. I have just about every option other than the gator floor and the tower speakers. I prefer to take the snap in rug out and clean it. The gator floor would get stained with the kids being little and eating on the boat all the time. Didn't get the tower speakers because the stock radio was loud enough. We like to be able to talk to each other rather than yelling over the radio. Also, my kids are little. Just no need for that. It's preference. Let me know if you have any questions.
  7. Nice. I'm looking into it all now. I'm considering the session, which is $200 but $50 sounds a bit better. Hate to put $$$ towards a camera instead of another board...Thanks!
  8. I can get about 15 feet back but I was seeing that a shorter rope pulls new people out of the water much better. The angle changes and it seemed to help them get up.
  9. I have the same inland surfer mentioned above. Fits both hands but is snug. Never bothered with just the rope or a T handle. Never used the wakeboarding rope because It's so much wider and I don't want anyone to get hurt. We toss the rope on the other side of the wake and then someone in the boat pulls it in, or it stays there. I threw it back to my 6 year old who thought she was going to catch it and it hit her in the face, so now they all duck if I go to throw it back to the boat...:) Anyway, the inland surfer rope seems to be quality and I can tell it's going to last. I shortened it a bit though. It's a little long stock but sections can be removed.
  10. The lake I'm in is half NJ and half NY. I surf both sides. I try and stay closer to the shore line because it doesn't both other boaters. We have a bunch of people who like to go out to the MIDDLE and drop their anchor and hang for hours. So, I try to be nice and not circle them surfing. But, if it's between the law and them, they'll need to anchor closer to shore, out of the way of boats that are moving. 600 is huge though. It looks like it's in the early stages. Hopefully that gets knocked down to at 200ft. How do I measure anyway? Eye it up and hope my eye is better than the police? As the distance gets longer, that gets harder to do. They should put markers up if this goes into effect like Rhunt said...
  11. The S238 Feeback thread

    I have a set tied at the slip as well. I don't see any harm in the way I have it. Is this a wake surf forum or a fashion show forum? lol The way I do things makes life easier and quicker for me on the water. It's just that simple. Being a dickhead about it is just childish, and funny to me at the same time.
  12. The S238 Feeback thread

    Why put those dirty things in my boat when they can hang above the water? You guys who don't keep your boat in the slip all summer may not understand how gross they get sitting in the water protecting the boat. They are tied up higher on the cleats. When we stop on the water to eat it makes things easier as well, as I can just lower them in quick when pulling up to the restaurants or the ice cream place.(we have multiple places to dock to eat on the water as well as an ice cream parlor.)
  13. The S238 Feeback thread

    they are pulled in. I tie them up higher when we are underway. They hang much lower when we are in the slip. Pulling them in the boat on the seats is gross. Since the boat stays at the lake, they get grimy and you don't want that on your seats. Since you tow, yours probably stay really clean. Much different when they are in use for the whole season and literally protecting the boat 24/7. The boat and dock are constantly touching them as well as the water. untying them and storing them while we are out is a pain and not needed.
  14. The S238 Feeback thread

    gotcha. Here is a video I shot with my drone. I was DRIVING and flying the drone at the same time so excuse the bad footage.(It was tough to do) Only me driving, and my wife and kids in the boat.(My wife is probably 120 and my kids are both less than 50lbs) The wake was pretty clean. board he was riding is 6'1. Plenty of length on the wave. https://www.skypixel.com/videos/look-at-this-amazing-piece-i-shot-with-my-mavic-pro-909eefe7-3425-43b7-bd0b-5e30f628c6ff
  15. The S238 Feeback thread

    I'm at 11.1. Never really experimented with a faster speed. Might make the wake cleaner but I was happy with my settings so once I was surfing consistently, I left it alone. H20 also lists his boat instead of using the surf system. I tried that as well but didn't work for me as well and my wife can't drive the boat like that.(She complains, which ruins my good time. ;))
  16. The S238 Feeback thread

    Here is another. I was on a 6'1 ocean board though. We had a lot of fun switching to this board a lot this summer. My kids always yell "fire hydrant!". It's not that easy for me. I probably only pulled it off 3 times. The other times I ate it. haha
  17. The S238 Feeback thread

    I've gotten it like that as well H20 but most days there is a decent amount of wind and chop here. (And a ton of other boats) I stopped worrying about it. It really makes no difference. Size matters. I have the 409. I think it was only an extra $700 so it was a no brainer.
  18. Used Market

    Yes! Southshore is mine and that is the lake I am on ALL summer! I will say that place is awesome. Not sure how many hours away that is for you but it's worth the trip. You can call and talk to Matt and ask him what he has. He may have deals on a 17 or a 16 right now that are left over or trade ins from people who bought a bigger model. I know they have boats on their lot. If your range is 60k, you may want to look at the s226 or s224. I'm not 100% sure but a NEW s226 or s224 will probably be in your price range. Call southshore and ask for Matt. They are passionate about getting you on the water and they aren't looking to rob you at all. He did a lot for me and made it easy. He'll also take you out on the water as many times as it takes for you to learn the boat and to surf. He'll run numbers for you over the phone and get you to your budget. He is on here but not often. @South Shore Marina NJ Let me know how it goes!
  19. Used Market

    Where are you from? Have you searched for the nearest cent/supreme dealers to you? I'd start there(maybe you have done that already). I'm on the east coast(Jersey) and surf boats and dealers aren't a big thing. I happened to have a supreme dealer on the lake I am always at but they are the only one near me. I believe the next closest is about 3 hours away. I have a 2017 s238 and I couldn't be more pleased with it. Also, depending on where you live, the price of the boat could be VASTLY different, even on used models. Since you have time, wait it out and keep looking. If you need to drive 12 hours to pick it up and save 10k, go for it.
  20. The S238 Feeback thread

    Haven't been on here in a few weeks. I have a 2017 S238. It was my first surf boat and last season was my first summer with it. Surfed April to October here in Jersey. Took me about a month(weekends) to figure everything out, including dropping the rope.(I am a new surfer as well) I have the wakemakers upgrade which does put bags under the side seats but I didn't need that space at all. There are plenty of other places to keep stuff. I don't use the bow bag at all so I used all of that space. People are usually sitting on the bench seats anyway so you would need to have them get up to get in there every time. I also have 500lbs of lead. The wave was nice but I was out with only 1 person surfing a LOT. Or just my wife and 2 young stick figure kids... So, I bought a 450lb sumo sack for those days and just put it on the floor. It was fine without it but I think I bought it for $100 and once you try it, you are hooked on it. As I said, most of the time it was 1 surfer and a driver in the boat. the wave is insane once you figure out what works. I don't know what it's like without the touchscreen but I wanted it. I don't know if I'd like the rocker switches as much but I've never used them. There are a few non-supreme surf boats surfing out there when I'm out during the week. Their wave isn't comparable to mine and they are always looking. They are also right up near the boat. I love the boat. I haven't had any issues with it other than learning how to use reverse with an inboard, which is on me...lol I had so much fun surfing that I didn't even try wakeboarding or knee boarding. The knee board never even made it to the boat. I stuck my first 360 on the very last trip out which really topped off my season. I'm hoping I can stick it when the boat goes back in, in April! Here are some shots from last summer. Some days the wave was cleaner than others. I went out when it was VERY windy a bunch of times. If I'm going to surf, I'm surfing no matter what the lake is like. Had a good time no matter what the conditions.
  21. 2018 boats

    The put these ugly ski poles in(maybe an option) that people will stub their toes on! lol Nothing really changed. I think they made the bow a little different. The speakers moved and it looks like the bow has less space to make more room in the main area. Someone mentioned the throttle too. The dash and surf system is identical. Screen is exactly the same. I loved the screen. It was simple to use right off the bat for me last summer. I never had an issue.
  22. Winter Blues..

    Here in Jersey we can't keep it in. It's already hit 30 a few times and the lake will freeze soon. The marina's take their docks out for the winter too. I think about wake surfing daily. YouTube can't even keep up with me because I've watched everything...lol I pulled my first 360 on the LAST surfing day I had before the boat got winterized. I thought it was awesome but now I just keep thinking about trying again to see if I still got it. I commute 2 hours EACH way to work on a bus and subway in NYC. I have a ton of footage from the summer that I watch over and over! My wife is so sick of hearing about it. I've contemplated going to texas to surf that Kelly slater wave park...(I think it's called inland) I'm with you 1000000000% @NorSask!
  23. Don't have hard feelings about it. You had a bad experience this past summer. No reason not to be frustrated whether you misunderstood something or not. The dealer should have been doing whatever they could to fix it during the summer so you could enjoy the boat they sold you. My dealer was on top of every single thing I asked him about this summer whether is was a question about the wave, my first maintenance or just checking in to see how things were going. Maybe I'm spoiled. For me, I'm bummed that you are turning away from a great boat based on a dealer and possibly a bad batch. Your NEW boat shouldn't have had these issues, period.
  24. I have 500lbs in leads in my rear lockers. 200 in the rear and 100 midship really isn't enough. The s238 likes weight in the rear. Move that midship 100 to the surf side. I have a 17 s238 and the wakemakers upgrade. I was worried about the space because I have a wife and 2 kids. It didn't hurt us at all this summer. My wife didn't even complain. I don't use the bow PNP at all so I use all that space instead. It's actually easier because I usually have people on the side seats. I surfed many times this summer with ONLY a driver. I logged 40 trips and I'd say 60% were only a driver or, my wife driving and my kids running around the boat while I surfed.(They are under 90lbs total) When I just had a driver or my wife and kids, I also filled a 450 sumo and put it on the surf side floor. I went without it and everything was still fine but I got addicted to using it so it was just part of my setup. Although everyone does it, I'm not a fan of the oversized 1100s in the rear lockers. I didn't want to worry about breaking anything, especially next to the engine. I also like the midship bags better because they keep the nose down so the driver can see. If you get the wakemakers and another 200 in lead, you will be set. I was very happy with my wave. It was consistently awesome! Message me if you have any questions. I've had boats for my whole life and never had a better summer than this past one. Not being able to get out on the lake is eating me inside. I'm putting my boat in as soon as they let me.(April, I hope) Congrats on the boat!
  25. I feel for you man. I can't believe the experience you are having. My only question is, why wait on calling Supreme directly? I wouldn't hesitate to call them and get someone on the line to hear your story. I think waiting on making that call is hurting you. That dealership shouldn't be selling their boats. CALL supreme and they will call your dealer by the time you get off with them. You have every reason to call, and no reason to wait. Good luck man. I hope everything works out for you.

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