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Found 16 results

  1. I just purchased a new 2016 S238 Supreme and wonder if an all inclusive owners manual exists as the dealership didn't have one for me, only individual pamphlets on different components of the boat. I'm looking for a manual that covers everything front to back like the owners manual for a vehicle. Also I'm looking for a detailed parts manual as well. Thanks in advance!....Blair
  2. 2015 Supreme S21


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    2015 Supreme S21Original owner, title in hand, purchased and maintained at NW Boat Sports215 HoursChallenger 5.7L V8Surf tab surf system3,200 LBS ballast upgradeCruise controlLED lights, inside and underwaterBiminiBow wind dividerBow filler cushionMooring / towing coverSamsom swivel board racksDual batteriesGatorStep, non-skid marine flooring addedCustom silent exhaustStereo - All Bluetooth- 4 - 8” Wetsounds tower speakers- 10" Wetsounds sub- 2 Amps (Wetsounds and Rockford Fosgate)- Wetsounds cabin speakersTrailer- Factory aluminum wheels with matching spare- LED lights- Tandem Axle w/ disc brakes- Swing TongueThis boat is meticulously maintained and cared for, detailed after every use, and always garaged. The surf wave on this Supreme is far from stock, I have worked hard to customize it and it works better than many boats on the water!The rough water ride and safe feel of Supreme boats is second to none! I’m excited to get this boat to its next home! Located in Tigard, de-winterized and ready to ride today. Be ready for a warm spring and early summer! Plenty more pictures available if you're interested in details.


  3. Just got a boat lift for my S21, are there any tricks or tips on the best way to fuel up when boat is sitting on the lift all summer? Do they sell any gadgets/gizmos that make fueling easier. For example a cart system? Or do I need to do it the old fashioned way which is what I did yesterday- fill up a 5 gallon can and haul it back and forth. Any input is appreciated.
  4. Hi there, I am new to this forum, and new to inboard boats in general. I have grown up on the lake my entire life, and love livin' the lake life. For years my family and I have enjoyed water skiing, slaloming, and wake boarding. We spend many hours on the water in the summer, and get out most every day. These activities have been mostly restricted to be towed by an I/O or a jet ski. Last year we surfed and wake boarded a few times on a friends Super Air Nautique 210. Needless to say were got the itch to up our game. We've done a lot of boat shopping the last few months. The research I've found convinces me that Supreme and Centurion have the best system on the market, considering fuel efficiency, big wave, and affordability (for Supreme at least). A dealer in our area has a 2011 Supreme V226. It has 475 hours, is clean inside and out, and has been serviced by the same dealer. I have seen videos and know the amazing surf wave its capable of producing. How solid is the engine and transmission on this model? I believe it has the Mercruiser Scorpion. How many hours should it be expected to go without major repair? How good of a boat company was Supreme then, considering now they are apart of Correct Craft? What other things should I be skeptical of about this model? The dealer also has a 2018 Supreme S226. However, living in Minnesota it comes with a heft price tag, especially when the lake is froze 6 months of the year. We would like to learn to wake surf, and progress wake boarding. Not planning on competing, just enjoy getting out often. On another note, we are also considering a Yamaha jet boat, 2018 212X, because of its versatility. Thoughts on this? Sorry for the many questions, but I would appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance!
  5. We have a 2017 Supreme 226 and looking to upgrade the bags to the biggest that the rear lockers will hold without having to do the wall supports. I'm not at the boat and I'm wondering if anyone knows the rear port and starboard locker dimensions? By my memory, it looked like it was 40 inches long x 36 tall by 24 wide. I could be way wrong with those numbers though. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, can anyone tell me the part number for the raw water impeller of a 2017 supreme s238? Thanks, Craig
  7. I currently have a 2012 B52 23V and love the boat. Our first boat was a Centurion Elite V, and the B52 was a massive upgrade. I love the look, wakeboard wake is great, and it surfs really well. I added 1100s to the rear lockers, and a 400# bag in the nose. I get a steep wave that is easy to surf, but it isn't as long as some boats I have seen. Goofy wave is really nice. I now have 430 trouble free hours on the boat, but am starting to get new boat fever. I really liked the value proposition of the 2012, which made it easy to spend the money to upgrade. Looking at the 2017s, the cost of MBs have risen quite a bit. It now looks like the Supreme S238 is probably the best value boat available. Reviews say the surf wave is impressive, but wakeboard wake may not be as good as my B52. I am not as fond of the Supreme styling, and really like the look of the 2017 MB tower and gel schemes. Has anyone on the forum demo'd both the new B52 and the S238? Any thoughts on switching? I really love my MB, but I don't think I am willing to step up to $90K for a new boat.
  8. I bought a 238 here is SOCAL a couple months ago. I was wonder if anyone has done anything with a bow/front Bimini top. It would sure be nice to have a little more shade.
  9. We have a 2017 Supreme 226 and looking to upgrade the bags to the biggest that the rear lockers will hold without having to do the wall supports. I'm not at the boat and I'm wondering if anyone knows the rear port and starboard locker dimensions? By my memory, it looked like it was 40 inches long x 36 tall by 24 wide. I could be way wrong with those numbers though. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi all, We put our boat in the slip for the first time and noticed that it is listing a bit. We took it out and made sure to open the quick fills and then closed, but still seems to be listing on the port side a tad bit. We did not notice that when we put it in the water on Saturday. I checked the PNP bags, ran the bilge, etc. just be certain (plug is definitely in, made sure of that when we went out). Any other obvious / stupid things I should have checked? It isn't listing badly, but enough to see it is obviously listing to the port side.
  11. Hi All, We bought a 2014 Supreme S1 from the guys at Northwest in Portland (Great guys) this winter. Trying to dial-in the wake on the Columbia River and would very much appreciate some pointers. Older posts have suggested for regular something similar to the below. Is this still what others are using? We had them add surf tabs. Port Side Quick Fill Full Port Side PNP Full Starboard side PNP ~200-250 lbs Center trim tab 50%-75% We had them add surf tabs. These don't seem to be helping much. Most likely user error. Any help / suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  12. Start making plans for the 19th of August 2016 This year we are moving the CCC Weekend up to Friday the 19th of August CenturionCrew members, family and friends will begin to descend on Bethy Creek Resort near the town of Riverside, Texas an hour north of Houston. For a weekend of fun on the water, full of Centurion boats and water related activities. Dates for the event were moved up this year per discussions with many of the attendees from last year. Please post on the thread if this causes issues for anyone and we can discuss. Of course the fun of an event like this is that everyone shares their boats, boards and has a blast riding and hanging out with old and new friends. The core group will arrive Friday morning to start setting up for the CCC Weekend. Everyone is welcome to check in when ever they would like and stay as long as they like. Friday - Will be the main arrival day, crew members will check in and get some riding in. That evening CCC will provide an eat and greet meal of sausage wrapped in tortillas along with chips and something sweet. Once everyone has had their fill previous year videos will be shown at the pavilion along with a group fire, giving everyone a chance to meet and put name and faces together. Saturday - Ride Ride Ride and Ride some more, a day full of boat hopping, board swapping, in general spending time and riding with crew members you usually don't get a chance to ride with. Learn some new tricks, try the wake on a different model boat, just get out there and have some fun in the Texas sun. There is a sand bar in front of the resort, the plan is to meet at the sand bar to raft up around 4pm and switch up boards, boats and riders, then head back out for a final session. Crew coming in from out of town can rest assure that they will have a boat to jump in and a board to ride behind, so there is no need to bring any boards if you are flying in for the event. After a full day of riding, dinner will be served by CCC which will consist of something really good that has yet to be decided, including something sweet. After the meal, everyone will gather in the pavilion for music, fun and door prizes. Also, if we can work all the details out, crew members will be able to take hits on the ERC (Endless Ride Cable) 2 tower cable system, boards will be provided or you can use your own. See post below for further information on the cable system which can also be ridden the entire weekend. Sunday - Morning rides depending on your travel plans, there will surely be crew members planning to ride most of the day. So anyone remaining on Sunday will still be able to see some action on the water. For those that are considering flying in from out of town, the Bethy Creek Resort is only 75 miles from IAH (George Bush Intercontinental Airport). There is a chance of talking a local crew member into a ride from the airport or grab the cheapest rental car you can find for the weekend. See post below for directions to the CCC Weekend. If you have any QUESTIONS, Please contact CrewAdmin
  13. This is the official 2016 Supreme Boats S238 Model release thread. Teaser post will be made throughout the following week until the final release of the 2016 Supreme Boats S238 Model on July 31st, 2015 at 1pm PST (4pm EST). The first teaser photo is below.
  14. Official 2016 Supreme Boats S211 Model release thread. Teaser post will be made throughout the following week until the final release of the 2016 Supreme Boats S211 Model on August 7th, 2015 at 1pm PST (4pm EST). The Suprme Boats New for 2016 is not over yet! The first teaser photo is below.
  15. The Supreme Boat Owners Category is now live for everyone in the community to use. If a member post an issue, questions, suggestion all boat owners are welcome to respond just as they are in the existing forums. We ask that everyone help us identify threads that were created around the discussion of a Supreme Boat by posting a link to them in this thread. We will then move them to the Supreme Boat General Discussion Sub-Forum. Once the Supreme Boat Owners Category has had a chance to grow we will begin adding more Sub-Forums to the Category as discussed in a previous thread. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.
  16. You may have noticed Houston Centurion aka David from Tracker Marine® around the Crew lately. He has years of boating experience and is a dedicated skier. David plans to take an active role in the Crew offering advice as both an owner and deal. Please help us Welcome David and Tracker Marine® of Houston as the latest Supporting Dealer and advertiser on the CenturionCrew.Com community. Be sure to take a few minutes and visit the Tracker Marine website by clicking the banner below or anywhere you see the banner on the site. Tracker Marine® is your ultimate destination for all things boating! Whether you’re shopping for your first boat or looking to trade in or upgrade your current one, we have the industry’s leading brands in a wide variety of styles and sizes to fit any need and budget. Choose from CENTURION® world championship towboats, TRACKER® aluminum fishing boats, SUN TRACKER® pontoon boats, NITRO® performance fishing boats, TAHOE® runabout and deck boats or MAKO® offshore and inshore fishing boats. Whether you’re planning an afternoon of wakesurfing and wakeboarding with family and friends. Enjoying a Saturday morning fishing run or participating in a high-stakes tournament. And even for extended excursions far, far offshore. Every model comes loaded with all the features and amenities you and your crew need to maximize your time on the water! And, we are a Marine Five Star Certified Dealer who subscribes to the Marine Industry Consumer Bill of Rights. So, you can expect top-notch attention from our well-qualified associates throughout the entire sales and service process. We also have a full-service center to ensure you never miss a day on the water! From accessory installations to complete Mercury® engine repowers, our factory-trained and –certified service staff are ready to answer any questions you might have and perform any work necessary to get you back on the water. We can also perform service on any brand of boat and Arctic Cat® ATVs/UTVs and Bad Boy Buggies®! Get everything you need in one great location! Store Hours: Mon : CLOSED Tue - Sat : 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM Sun : CLOSED Service Hours: Mon : CLOSED Tue - Sat : 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM Sun : CLOSED Snail Mail: Tracker Boating Center HOUSTON 14908 North Freeway (I-45 & Airtex) Houston, TX 77090 Phone: 1.866.469.8986 281.209.0900 Fax: 281-209-0919 Email: djweiss at trackerboatcenter dot com Web: http://houston.trackerboatingcenter.com Again please give Tracker Marine a warm CenturionCrew.Com community welcome!

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