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  1. New Delivery of 2021 ZS232

    Yes, I filled the hard tanks and was able to set up a decent wave with no training. I am waiting for warmer weather for my dealer to take me out, so I am just pressing buttons right now. The ZS232 is a very capable surf boat. Looking forward to scheduling my formal dealer instruction and perfecting the wave.
  2. New Delivery of 2021 ZS232

    Made it out on the water for the first time on the '21 ZS232 and it did not disappoint. Put five hours on the engine following the break-in procedure. No problems and the boat is everything I expected it to be. The low end torque is amazing, throttle is smooth and the touchscreen worked flawlessly. Waiting for warmer weather before jumping in the water with the surf board...
  3. The Supreme/PCM web sites are vague when it comes to engine details. PCM provides info on Centurion & Nautique engines, but not Supreme. My Pleasure Craft Marine engine tag shows Model C 15 04D041FW 21 A. The engine vanity cover says 450hp. Are these engine models unique to Supreme or re-badged Centurion engines? Build sheet lists 'Supreme Power by GM Marine'. The engine branding strategy is confusing...
  4. Getting to know my 2021 ZS232's raw water drain system for winterization. Can it really be this simple? I plan to have my dealer handle this, but it would be nice to know in the event of a early or late season freeze as I live in the Northern states. I would obviously drain the strainer and any other intakes (ballast, etc...). This is my first inboard, so I am still learning. I posted a quick video of what the three hoses look like on my engine.
  5. Congratulations Hudzon on the boat order! I have an all white ZS232 with gray interior. Love it!
  6. Supreme Font?

    I ordered my registration numbers from Domed Numbers. They have the Supreme font and it looks great on the boat. I will post a pic after it stops raining... https://www.domednumbers.com/
  7. I just picked up my 2021 Supreme ZS232 and inspected every inch of the boat (literally with a GoPro). I am happy with the interior quality. The vinyl looks great and is durable. It's going to be a couple weeks before the lakes open up, so I only have garage time with the boat so far. The audio system is an area of focus for me right now. Wet sounds Speakers, sub and amps are great. Supreme is now using the touchscreen for audio source/control. I am not in love with having to use the display for volume adjustment and may add a Wet sounds multi-zone controller. This looks like an easy upgrade (that should be standard). Also of note are ~5 available Accessory switches that appear to be pre-wired. Need to put those to good use... I may start a separate thread on the touch-screen display technology and audio system.
  8. FloatLift

    I placed an order for a Sunstream FloatLift to pair with my '21 ZS232. I will post pictures of the boat on the lift this Spring. Several of my neighbors recently installed FLoatLifts for their Wake Boats and they appear to work really well. Simple operation and designed to withstand rough water/storms. Interested to know if anyone on this forum has any experience with them. I live on a river where water levels change frequently (docks and lifts need to float).
  9. New Delivery of 2021 ZS232

    I have not met Brandon, but will look for him on the water this Summer.
  10. Just closed on a 2021 ZS232 this week. I only have the actual factory pic as the boat is wrapped for the Winter in Minnesota. Moved up from a Yamaha 242x, which was a great family boat, but not what I needed for water sports. Inventory is limited and moving fast this year, so don't wait if you are in the market. I also noticed a lot of water sports accessories (vests, etc...) are on back order. Hope to keep this forum active as I don't do FB. Let me know if any of you boat on the St Croix River. Hope to see you this Summer.

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