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  1. FloatLift

    I placed an order for a Sunstream FloatLift to pair with my '21 ZS232. I will post pictures of the boat on the lift this Spring. Several of my neighbors recently installed FLoatLifts for their Wake Boats and they appear to work really well. Simple operation and designed to withstand rough water/storms. Interested to know if anyone on this forum has any experience with them. I live on a river where water levels change frequently (docks and lifts need to float).
  2. New Delivery of 2021 ZS232

    I have not met Brandon, but will look for him on the water this Summer.
  3. Just closed on a 2021 ZS232 this week. I only have the actual factory pic as the boat is wrapped for the Winter in Minnesota. Moved up from a Yamaha 242x, which was a great family boat, but not what I needed for water sports. Inventory is limited and moving fast this year, so don't wait if you are in the market. I also noticed a lot of water sports accessories (vests, etc...) are on back order. Hope to keep this forum active as I don't do FB. Let me know if any of you boat on the St Croix River. Hope to see you this Summer.

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