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  1. Totally different tying up to a dock vs. HB. The dock moves very lttle in relation to the boat, but even a large houseboat will move around a ton in strong winds. If you tie up too tight you will rub the crap out of your gel.
  2. My .02: The Typhoon surfs just fine with enough weight, the wave just doen't look as clean. The 340 is a better engine, The Typhoon has ALOT more room. More than you would thing on a boat just 1 more feet. Give it a closer look
  3. What is the reason for draining the block before putting anti-freeze in? I do it how Dura showed in his video, but through a fake-a-lake. I do drain the heater hoses and blow out the core though.
  4. Wake Surfing Rope

    I like the dedicated surf ropes with the handle. It seems like it is easier for newbs to get up with. I also like the handle when they are learning. I have them hold the rope in thier front hand, and practice staying in the sweet spot, falling back, ect. I think my rope is 20" long.
  5. Family Inclusion

    My 15yr old is a WAY better driver than my wife. I can tell him things once, and he catches right on. He has been driving a while though. Now if your talking about him takin the boat out with his buddies when he turns 16?. Whole different ballgame.
  6. RPM's while surfing

    So I guess that means I can bring less $ next time we go out! Mine: 02 concourse 6.2 scorpion 911 2100# 3000 rpm 10.5 speed typical mixed use 4-5 hour day is around 15 gallons.
  7. Really. Hey if you could post up some picks after that would be great. I have often considered doing this myself.
  8. Can somebody tell me where the fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator are on a 2002 6.2 black scorpion? I keep pulling up a diagram for a fuel cooler that I can't seem to locate on my motor. I can here the pump run when I turn the key to on, but other than knowing its on the engine I can't pin it down. My fuel/water seperator are on the port side of the engine (in relationship to the boat).
  9. I have the same boat. There are no drain holes from those compartments to the bilge. There are drain plugs in the rear of the compartments but they are much higher than the low point in those .ompartments, so the water wont drain with the boat level/ My normal operation is to pull the rear plugs out while I am still on the ramp, checking my placement on the trailer. That gets most of the water out. For multiple day trips I use a hose from one of my ballast pumps and pump the majority out. The majority of the water in the walkthrough is just from people getting in and out. I make sure the fittings on my bags are tight and I have good O rings on my fittings. That minimizes the water in the large storage compartment. To get it really dry I use a shop vac or good air dry. It def. is a PITA!
  10. when you hear the squeek stop and open your engine lid. If the belts are flipping up water there will be water everywhere and dripping off engine lid. Start there. I doubt you are tiPping over so far your pickup is out of the water. That would be some LEANIN.
  11. So try some HEAT or drain the tank?
  12. I have a 2002 with the 6.2L Black Scorpion.t Was at Powell, second day out started having intermiitent starting problems. Scenario: Boat had been run down the lake for 2-3 hours at speed (3500-4000). Stopped for a hike 1hr. Started again and ran 20 minutes to marina. Filled up ($5.65 gallon!) . Sat while we got an ice cream about 30 minutes. Tried to leave but boat wouldn't start. Everything is normal and boat fires but won't idle. Try 5-6 times. Let it sit for a minute. Try 5-6 more times. Throttle position doesn't have any effect. Then it starts fine and runs completly normal. It seems fine the rest of the day then BAM does it again at the fuel dock. Then comes and goes throughout the day. I pull the seperator at camp and dumb it into a bottle. There is a small amount of water in the fuel say an oz. or less. I refill the can with good gas and boat seems to fix the problem. We come home I use the boat 2 times without any issues and then have the same problem yesterday. Hard to start after running then sitting. I will replace the seperator and inline filter (again) but what else could be the issue? Can you get vapor lock in the fuel cooler? Could my fuel pump be going out?
  13. I like pinnacle as well. Its now called Avid studio now. $80.

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