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  1. Thanks for the response. O ring is in and I’m 99% positive there Isn’t any air leak, but the brass sea pump itself is scored internally pretty bad (inside the case as well as the back plate). They look like bad brake rotors (1/4 inch groves). Not sure about what kind of tolerance is needed, but both of the boat guys in town said it should pump. I was told there is a rebuild kit out there that comes with stainless steel plates that provide a new surface for the impeller to ride on. Anyone know anything about it?
  2. Installed new impeller in sea pump, used a fake lake to check installation. Not getting any water out of exhaust, pump is dry. Tried priming or filling intake line with water, still will not pump. I have had several boat shops look at the pump and tell me it’s good, but it doesn’t work at all. Anyone have anything like this going on, ever? It’s the brass sea pump, it’s definately worn on the from and back of the housing.
  3. Does anyone know anything about these things? Was told today that the actuators are no longer available and they are proprietary. If anyone has any info or ideas, please let me know.
  4. Just bought a 2006 Avalanche, Storm III with 6.2. Looking for fluid capacities and type for engine, drive and trans. Also, does anyone know anything about steering cables. It’s extremely stiff and feels like it’s about to break.
  5. Really hate to ask this, but is there any info out there about the 2006 Avalanche? Just bought it and cant find any info at all about the shower, heater or anything else. Understand it’s a boat, but geeeez I cant find anything online.
  6. Folding tower

    Thanks, really appreciate it.
  7. Just bought an 06 Avalanche and figuring out things. Does anyone actually fold their tower? If so, what does it rest on when folded?
  8. Just bought a 2006 Avalanche and trying to figure systems out. Does anyone know how to troubleshoot the Switchblade? The manual toggle switch doesn’t light up at all and the unit in the back doesn’t move at all (bad actuators?). Fuse is good

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