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  1. I know this is an old thread but I have the identical problem on my 06’ Avy. It started out happening a couple years ago once in a while and now happens every time we go out. I have to put in neutral and give it throttle to get it started when it’s warmed up. Strait off the trailer when cold it fires right up. Or if it sits for an hour or so no problems starting. I have changed fuel filter, water separator, cap, rotor, plugs and cleaned IAC filter to no avail. A mechanic I talked to said vapor lock but I’m not buying that since it never did this for the first 4 years we owned it. I’m leaning towards ignition coil/module or fuel pumps. Has anyone fixed their problem?
  2. Just what I was looking for, a logical approach to my problem. Thanks and I hope you earn your six pack. The J-Hoses, would this be the hose from t-stat housing to exhaust?
  3. I have an 06 Avalanche with about 100 hours. My impellar fried and I replaced it and found all my missing pieces. Pulled hose on transcooler and cleaned it out as well. Came home from my last trip and went to flush with fake a lake. No water flowing at idle but when I rev the engine it flows but still not the same as before. So I pull the seawater pump again and impellar looks fine. Belt is tight. Make 4 more trips and still problem with fake a lake not flowing water at idle when I flush. Yesterday at Tahoe I left boat idling for about five minutes and all of a sudden overheat beeping starts. I look down and temp guage is buried. Remembering fake a lake doesnt flow at idle, I put it in gear and take off and temp came right back down to 175. One of the lakes I visit has some moss, can this clog the cooling system? Or possibly thermostat? Just trying to decide how to troubleshoot and would appreciate some feedback. Thanks
  4. Sorry only had my iphone with me during the test drive and will be picking the boat up tomorrow. Pictures above and here is one shot at 9mph with stock ballast. Can't wait to see this thing grow!!!
  5. It was actually 36 hours. The test drive was awesome and everything was as you would expect with the low hours. If it wasn't for the teak platform missing a little oil on it, I would have thought I was in a brand new boat. And the stereo was phenomenal. This was actually the first time in a Centurion for me. I've been in a Nautique and Moomba and after all the research and patience for the last 7 months, I know I made the right choice and deal. Time to work on the ballast before summer gets here.
  6. Thanks for all the help and everything came out perfect. Here are some pics
  7. Thanks for all the info! Hopefully things go well on Thursday with the test drive and mechanic check. I found the link for checking your boats history by using the HIN# http://www.boathistoryreport.com. This boat came back clean. Great write-up on the custom Avy sack install, will definately go this route.
  8. Thanks for the replies and info. I do have the agreement with him that we will test drive the boat before he gets the money and I will definately have a mechanic check it out. For my own piece of mind what seals and where are they? Also, if they are bad is it an expensive fix? As for the HIN #, where can I run this? One more question, he told me that it has a 1000lb center ballast and no rear. Was this an available option? I'm sure this would help for wakeboarding but will it be any benefit for surfing? I plan on adding the custom rear sacks for surfing but I need to decide if I should keep the center. Thanks for the help.
  9. Made an offer on an 06 Avy and it was accepted. My question and I guess rather funny concern is it only has 32 hours on it. Is there anything I should be concerned about with a boat that has been sitting in storage a lot? I am new to the wakeboard boats and would appreciate some suggestions on what to look for or ask the owner during my test drive before handing over the check. He is original owner and kept in a climate where it never gets below freezing.

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