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  1. What does everyone use to tow their boat?
  2. What do people do to winterize their boats?
  3. Where do these wires dead end? It appears the wires leave the output side of the switch, but I am not sure where to find the other end of them. Thanks all!
  4. So I am stunned that nobody can tell me where these wires end, in order to power up an accessory item. Some one has to have done some add on accessories.
  5. Did you install the cross bar and pin it on the sides as asked in the post above. Mine is a 17 and is straight tight and plenty tall.
  6. Thank you Honcho for your info!
  7. So last weekend out on the lake my daughter ended up with a cut on her toe. In the process we got a couple spots of blood on the flooring of the boat. (not Carpet or fiberglass) I believe it is the Gator step flooring and clues as to how to get it out without damaging the floor?
  8. Was able to get a hold of gator step and their recommendation for blood was a mixture of bleach and water. 1gallon water to a cup of bleach, I cut that recipe in half not needing a large amount. Low and behold it appears that it may be gone, we will see when the flooring dries completely. If so I will be so much happier, all of the stains were very obvious and in the biggest most visible panels. Now for the threat of rain to stop so I can uncover the boat, vacuum it out and clean/treat the interior. Boat juice is calling my name.
  9. I also would love a copy if it is for the 409 in a '17.
  10. This is what the flooring looks like, this is on the trailer since the boat is all covered up.
  11. What collonite is everyone using?
  12. Start with battery voltage is________? Then move as others have stated to the same voltage can be tracked at the starter big terminal? When you try to start the boat does the small terminal from the key show 12 volts at the starter? Do you have the same voltage at the ACC terminal on the ignition switch? Verify continuity thru the kill switch and the breaker near the engine? Report back when you can answer these questions with voltages not just telling us the test light lights up.
  13. What is out there that can be recommended for a full over the tower cover. The boat will be outside this winter and I want to protect it as much as possible. Winterization is later this week so time to empty it out and cover it up. I will have a heater/ dehumidifier in it along with a battery maintainer.
  14. Cover

    I was think the over the tower for winter and the factory for summer and back and forth to the launch.
  15. Octo tower 2017

    I have what looks like the same brackets on my '17 S238. I can lower my tower but have to put the throttle in the reverse position to do so. You also must hold in on the arm slightly or it will catch the upholstery.
  16. This would be a very viable option also. Could be placed on a timer so it could cycle on and off. https://www.amazon.com/Kats-13150-Aluminum-Circulating-Heater/dp/B000BQUUR6
  17. Wish i had a brake. I could tig weld that thing up. Would be a nice addition.
  18. GM HD tow vehicle

    Get a good look around left over loaded '17's are out there. I just picked up a loaded 3500 cummins for 60k. 4x4 aisins trans, crew cab.
  19. S238 tow vehicles

    Traded off the old for the new!
  20. Very mechanically inclined just don't have access to under the hood. Like originally stated i thought i remember seeing something before we winterized under the hatch but haven't been able to uncover or look since then. Is it a battery feed maybe on the forward wall that I saw? I have built my fair share of street rods and custom choppers.
  21. 2017 s238. The family loves to tube and I have a nice quiet fast pump to fill said tube but need a alligator clipable power source in the rear of the boat. I do have the 12 volt plug (cigarette) in the back but that i am pretty sure is not high enough amperage. My pump claims 22amp. I could run a new wire from the battery with a breaker or fuse online if needed. Any ideas?
  22. Mine has alligator clips on it, I seem to remember seeing a positive stud back near the engine. I just don't want to have to keep taking the battery box apart anytime we want to run the pump. Anyone know the wire gauge that feeds the power outlet in the back?
  23. 244 cover

    What year 244?
  24. S238 tow vehicles

    I have a dually diesel 4x4 that I can tow with when we go on the longer trips. The real issue is i am trying to decide if I should get rid of the dually and the daily 08 Yukon denali and get a new diesel 3500 single rear wheel. One truck one payment and only one vehicle to put insurance on. I just hate making my tow rig my daily driver.
  25. S238 tow vehicles

    A 1500 is a strong candidate for me. I have a 3500 diesel, but don’t want to commute with it.

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