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  1. 2016 Supreme S226 Blistering

    I also live in Seattle and have blistering after a short time in the water. It sucks but I plan to bottom paint this winter. Good luck man!
  2. My shaft seal is leaking. Does anyone know the shaft tube outer diameter? The prop shaft is 1.125 and I assume the outer tube is 2" but it's a mean woman to measure accurately. I'm running the ACME 1235 prop. I plan on going with the PYI PSS shaft seal type A part 02-114-200 as I want to do this once. Thanks in advance.
  3. S226 exhaust loud

    FAE would be a good option plus it makes it safer while surfing. My motor noise dropped drastically when I installed the FAE.
  4. Fresh Air Exhaust online ordering

    Thanks, I will start researching props and get it swapped out. I was expecting a slight change in performance but this is a little too much. I'll let you know what I come up with.
  5. Fresh Air Exhaust online ordering

    Follow up after some time on the new FAE. It works great and is much quieter however, my Hull shot and up to plane is drastically slower. Am I outa luck or is anyone aware of a fix? I have the scorpion 5.7 motor.
  6. Cruise control

    My 12 226 came with the paddle wheel and software incorporated into the dash. I just set it and go. I wonder if this was optional on the 13.
  7. Fresh Air Exhaust online ordering

    I finally installed the FAE. The motor noise is much lower and overall works great.
  8. This past year I bought a new 2012 with 8 hours on it. The guy bought it, put it in his garage and never used it. The first thing I did was have it sent to a mechanic for a full mechanical evaluation. As expected it was fine, but always have a professional look at it. Good luck.
  9. Install looks great, well done!
  10. Fresh Air Exhaust online ordering

    The Seattle boat show starts this weekend so it will be a couple weeks before I pull the boat out of the water. I will post build pics asap. Even on wet chilly days here, I really just want to close my work laptop and boat for the afternoon.
  11. Fresh Air Exhaust online ordering

    Thanks, InfinitySurf for the link. Here is a pic of everything except the 2 support rods for the platform.
  12. Fresh Air Exhaust online ordering

    I started working with FAE back in September so I got a fair price with the promotion that was going on then. My FAE FINALLY arrived today, shipping was a bit of a cluster but it's here. I will upload some pics once I figure out how to make my 4000KB photo into a 204.8KB.
  13. Fresh Air Exhaust online ordering

    I went with picture 1 seen above. I originally wanted the 1-piece Y design because it was a clean look however, when Christine at FAE sent me the worksheet for measurements I said the hell with that. You can only be off by 1/8 inch and the time it would take me to get my trailer out of storage, the boat out of the water, measure etc. I knew I would never do it. Plus, if you measure wrong, you're screwed. The second reason is that since I boat year round, looks don't really matter as long as it functions as designed.
  14. Fresh Air Exhaust online ordering

    I finally got my FAE ordered and I should have it in a couple weeks. I will put up a few pics once it arrives.
  15. Winter Blues..

    This is why I keep our boat in the lake and I was just out on her last night. Was it chilly? Yes. Was my beverage hot? Yes. Did I turn the heater on? Maybe... Would I do it all over again? HELL YEAH BABY.

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