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  1. Well it took until the following season to get the LPG conversion as the dealer was delayed in getting the work carried out.Performance seems OK generally, maybe a slight hit to "out of the hole" performance if loaded fully. The location of the tank is by the amps/ batteries compartment, don't know if this is a good idea or not but seems to work, although from what I can tell the tank isn't that big and the inlet nozzle is pretty small bore.
  2. So it seems the dealer hasn't managed to get the update yet but we still are getting "glitches" with pnp showing 100 on screen but clearly not full. Fill times currently at 5m30 secs don't know if we should extend ? As my set riding a few evenings ago was a bit of a pain with a curl over both sides of the wake at 21.8 mph it seemed the pnp didn't fill. Spent 10 mins making ballast screen to say empty and then refill a few times and had to turn battery off. Eventually got back to a decent wake. does anyone have the latest software downloaded and install instructions available to perhaps Dropbox or something as that would be appreciated! We can try and fix some of the problems.
  3. ri 217 owners

    We have a ri217 at our club and caters for a wide range of riders. Beginners don't generally ride behind it and we use a carbon pro with a tower. people who wake to wake, w2w 180 and beyond with good technique generally use our "intermediate" settings riding at 21.5-21.8 and I must say it's pretty big but I feel we can never get the port side wake clean even using cats. The wake is quite steep but never seems to "kick you into air" like a G21. It seems there isn't really anyone out there who has settings for wakeboarding and even if you watch the centurion video and they show their pro rider settings saying 100 both sides for pnp and 20 for ram fill on the rider profile but on the ballast screen there is also 81 on the centre tank ... so not sure what is really being used in the video. we will keep testing!
  4. Many thanks for posting, I will let our Centurion Dealer know as they seemed to think there wasn't updated software. This might help out with some of the "bugs" we have experienced.
  5. Ah many thanks, I thought someone mentioned there were updates etc. If you can would it be possible to report back the versions etc like I have or a picture of them :-)
  6. Hey I have read a few of you guys/girls have had situation with a ramfill filling and not emptying properly etc and some other "quirks". We had the starboard ram fill full although ballast screen suggested empty and it appears the pump behind the bench seat in engine bay had sprung open and the black retaining clip broke. Also a few times when turning in a slightly tight end of the lake whilst surfing the quick surf tabs get stuck and battery/breaker needs turning off/on to work again. But I believe there might be a factory software update for the Ri's? or is it just the 257? We currently have: Application 2 8 10499 OS 2 8 10100 Bootloader 2 9 10110 Software L 2.8.10518 20161104 R 2.8.1051820161100 Is this the latest?
  7. Thanks for the links. The manager of the club has them now and we will spend some time dialling in. In regards to the "100%" tabs yes I did think it was strange! lol. Just mad there's now manual freely available for the system. Centurion are missing a trick! One thing that we have noticed that isn't ideal is when entering the boat there isn't a "step" area inside the boat for passengers to use and end up either stepping on seat pad or if we move the sliding swat back they can step quite a way down into the boat and getting out is difficult for shorter people. Anyone else find this a problem? As it's in constant use all day at our club and used by dozens of "members and customers" this is going to take a battering.
  8. Hi We received the RI217 over the weekend and had various drivers and riders at our club. Wakeboarding was a bit hit and miss on the wake... went from super rampy and massive to nice but washy on the port side looking at the boat (toeside for me). Our dealer said that the all tabs should be set to 100% but I would have thought this would cause drag on the boat and not help with planning out and tweaking the shape etc? Wake surfing wake ok but not as good as we would have liked. Seemed a lot shorter than imagined. Trying to understand how things are effecting the wake etc but don't have a manual for all the drivers to look at. Does anyone know if there is a pdf of the manual? if so have a link or can email it to me please?
  9. I will have to check this with our Centurion dealer who will carry this out. But I imagine to replace the petrol tank with LPG tank?
  10. Ok many thanks for the information. I know it's a finger in the wind subject due to many differences in environment etc. The reason I ask is the boat will be used at a members club who pay per tow for wakeboarding or wakesurfing and is being delivered tomorrow. The manager of he club wants to try and work out how much roughly fuel will be used so in petrol as we will have buy fuel in jerry cans an know roughly when fill up will be needed and not book a tow around that time. In regards to convert to lpg, in the UK (we will be the only club with an RI 217 in the county I believe) we have onsite lpg tank with lpg and I believe the cost is about 49 pence per litre and petrol is £1.21 per litre so much cheaper for the club to run the boat. Also the lake is a nature reserve so needs to be a bit more environmentally friendly. Only a few hours until the boat is delivered and super excited to be able to drive and ride behind it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Hi I was wondering if anyone has experience with an RI217 on standard ballast with how much fuel at around sea level per hour might be used? I know there are many variables to consider - altitude/air temp etc but roughly a figure for when wakeboarding and wakesurfing. I think it's a 64 gallon tank stock. Thanks The reason I ask is it be used at a club and it won't be converted to LPG for a couple of months and the tows are paid by customers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Hi All I am a driver at a local lake in South of England and we are expecting our Ri217 in the next few months to be delivered cant wait!! It's replacing our slightly war wounded Nautique crossover 211Sv. So as you can imagine a massive step in the way of wake-board and surf wake. I was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a manual for the Touch screen operations on the Ri217 as I wanted to read up on it prior to taking delivery so when we start the season I can just jump in, configure and give a great tow for the others. I have sent a message to Centurion via the website about a week ago but haven't received anything back... shame. TIA Mike

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