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  1. Seriously though amazing dealer! Definitely buy a boat from them.
  2. Im curious what happened to the H5?
  3. I was able to bug the dealer. They just weren't open when it happened Saturday. Dealer said the rest of the codes were common.
  4. Just in case someone else encounters FMI:31 Its a communications issue between ECM and Throttle.
  5. Out surfing today and dash started beeping, boat went into guardian mode and threw some codes. Codes are SPN:1324 FMI:11, SPN:1326 FMI: 31. Anyone know what these mean? Thanks in advance.

    Took a pic of my girl FS33
  7. Untitled Album

  8. 2015 SV233 or FS33

    Thank you everyone Ok I think I have decided on the FS33 so 1 last question Is bow ballast option necessary?
  9. I am thinking of upgrading to a bigger boat this year and looking at a SV233 or FS33. Im having a hard time deciding which boat, is the FS33 worth the extra coin?
  10. Hours?

    We do around 100 a year, Try to go out Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
  11. Noob question, so the manual shows that this screen on the Micro Touch Vision System can display water temp and many other vitals. I cannot figure out how to get water temp to display... What I can see is upper left fuel level, lower left oil psi, upper right engine temp, lower right battery voltage... I need to know how cold the water is before I jump in
  12. Finally brought the SS210 home

    Yup http://www.sewlong.com/ and you are right i should totally bring that by.
  13. Finally brought the SS210 home

    Looks like the bimini is made from a local shop, not Centurion

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