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  1. My previous boat had a Livorsi and there is no comparison. Anyone who hasn't had a boat with one doesn't know what they are missing. I can't stand the throttle on my Supreme vs the Livorsi, but what do you do? You can buy a boat every year I guess to keep up with the current updates, but not everyone can do that.
  2. I have a 2017 S211 and have my wave dialed in really well.. I have upgraded ballast. I have 750 pnp bags. I also run 500 pounds of steel bags. I as with all my surf friends surf regular so I have 300 on the port side (150 under the pnp bag at the rear most part of the compartment, 150 under the port side seat at the bulkhead part of the storage. I have 200 pounds on the stbd side with the same configuration. My setup is: Port pnp: 100% Port QF: 100% Stbd pnp 90% Stbd QF 90% Bow Bag (my boat didn't come with the center hard tank) 35% Quick surf Left: Port tab 0, Stbd tab 70-75 Stinger: 45-60 Speed: 10.9-11.3 depending on wind or current.... WakeBallast steel bags as described above. With 2-3 people (adults) in boat (including driver) I place the passengers on the port side. More than 3 in the boat I will put one behind the driver if they are lighter. If someone wants to sit in the bow, then I reduce the bow bag weight and still have them sit on the port side... If I have more than 3 adults in the boat I will run Stbd pnp and QF 100% and can get away with someone sitting behind the driver at times. Kids can sit wherever, but I prefer them to be close to or on the surf side. You want to get your rub rail on the surf side to ride as close to the water as you can. With this setup I can ride all day long with a real good wave. The wave is kind of steep, but I can ride all the way to the back of the pocket and hang out there without getting pushed out of the wave. Wave length is pretty good as well... Your board is important as well. I am 200-205 and surf a Soulcraft Secret Weapon 4'8". The above is a good start and works very well for me and people who ride with me... I can't guarantee it will work best for you, but it is a good start. I attached a pic of the wave before I drop the rope to show its size. This was 2 adults, 2 kids in the boat with the setup above at 11.1 mph...
  3. My S211 had an early to mid Feb Spray date. 70 hrs on it due to the wet spring we had in Portland, so a late start this year , but I have had no issues other than my water (lake) temp quit working on the touchscreen. No biggie since I'm not concerned about water temps right now, and that can get fixed this winter. The 6.0l engine is worth the small upcharge. We had as many as 7 adults and 2 kids in it with almost full ballast (upgraded ballast) and 500 lbs lead, steel or whatever is really in the bags and the boat gets to surf speed without any struggle. With 8 adults and 2 kids with everything empty getting to cruise speed was pretty impressive. I did have some of the screws on my swim platform rub rail come loose as some others have mentioned. I would advise people to check those periodically. Swim platforms are subject to a lot of vibration so that can happen. Gelcoat is perfect, and the interior is holding up very well. The vinyl has a few scuff marks that are there for good. Most people wouldn't see them, but I'm a little OCD so I notice everything. The ride quality of a Supreme is very impressive. I've been on very windy lakes and 20-23 mph is a non issue in the chop. My last boat would have been lucky get through the chop at 15 mph... We are very happy with our boat with no complaints.... I would recommend a Supreme to anyone in that price point...
  4. My last boat was black and orange, no flake. The black flake hides a lot of things unlike the regular black on my last boat. I love black.. Black truck, black on the boat.... I do love silver flake. I thought of that when we ordered this boat, but my wife picked all the colors, all the options (which she picked almost all the options.) The only thing I vetoed her on was the trailer. She wanted the standard trailer, and I had the upgraded trailer added with the 18" wheels, tires and wider fenders. The trailer is two-tone also to match the boat.
  5. Don't tempt me, or better yet don't tempt Lisa. We showed up at this year's boat show not expecting to buy another boat, and look what happened. I don't know what to expect if we show up and you have a sweet Fi 23..... If you have one in black flake and stone grey at the boat show you might have Lisa sold. We love love those colors....
  6. The 409 was certainly worth the little cost for the upgrade. I don't wakeboard but I pulled a guy the other day and that thing pulled him out of the water effortlessly..... I surf 11.1-11.5 on the 211 as well. The 211 and 238 settings are real similar.
  7. I totally understand.... I have very high expectations. Mine sometimes might be a little unrealistic. So far the Supreme is keeping me happy. It seems like quite a few 238's are having issues with good waves. Personally they should come from the factory with great waves, and not have to upgrade all the ballast. Mine has upgraded rear bags, and I have 500lbs of lead. Seeing that almost all of NWBS Supreme customers were happy we decided to go with that. I agree that MB has a lot better choices in colors and they do have good lines. I like the Tomcat myself.... I am very interested in the new Fi series Centurion is bringing out, but this next year I'm not buying another boat. I have to have this one a couple years at least...
  8. I get a great curl on my 211..... as far as quality of the boat, so far I haven't had too many issues. This past weekend my water temp display disappeared on the touchscreen, so I need to figure that out. I think my settings are all getting messed up lately because I don't think my stinger plate is working properly. I usually surf with it around 50 and sometimes when I pull the boat out of the water on the trailer it looks like it's at 100 all the way down. Then next time i use the boat and leave it at 50 it appears to be where it should be. That irks me and I need that to be fixed soon because I can't rely on what the screen says.... I think Supreme and Centurion are the best at Gel Coat from all the other brands I've looked at. The last boat I owned had pretty good gel coat, but Supreme is way better. The interior is holding up well. The vinyl on the anchor storage hatch has a couple scuffs that I can't fix. I think when I put the anchor down the rope caused a little rope burn on it. That is completely my fault, not Supreme or their quality. I love my boat and between Supreme and Centurion I won't own another brand. Of course very partial to NWBS and all they have done for us. They sell MB now and I like those boats, but I wouldn't buy one... xj, I don't know who does gel coat work well in Central Oregon, but Ty at NWBS does the best gel repair I've ever seen. I've seen his work on small repairs to entire hull repair. He makes it look as good as new without the ghetto look to it... I have learned after growing up with boats and having two of my own that I need to lower my expectations a little. We spend a lot of money on these boats (even Supremes) and we expect things to be damn near perfect. It sounds like yours isn't quite up to standards of the rest of the Supremes. I hope you get it all figured out sooner than later. Look for a black flake and stone grey 211 at LBC around the second week of August. I'll be there..... I'll say hi if I see ya out there...
  9. Black and Orange s238

    I wouldn't mind one of those..... If I can't have the livorsi, a dressed up throttle would be nice...
  10. Black and Orange s238

    Must be the color.... The boat (different brand) I traded in to NWBS was black and orange died this spring and had to come in too.... And to think that we almost ordered our Supreme in black and orange again..... Glad we changed our minds...... I also miss the Livorsi throttle my other boat had, and wish all Supremes came with them....
  11. If I plan to tow long distances, I will use heavy duty Saran Wrap (Costco) from about the rub rail up, and just below it towards the bow where the cover comes down lower. It just adds a little layer between the gel coat and cover. The cover doesn't seem to budge when tightened either.
  12. I changed my tabs after the first time surfing so I won't ever notice the difference probably. Whatever helps though..... I am still getting things dialed in on my boat.....
  13. New owner s211

    I have a new S211. I do have upgraded bags (750's) and keep 250lbs lead in the boat at all times. I surf regular so 150 on the surf side in the aft part of the compartment, and 100 on opposite side. I have another 250lbs lead that I use if I don't have many in the boat. I am still getting it dialed in, so I don't have the perfect setup yet. I do start with full PNP bags, around 90% on the non surf side quickfill, or fill it and drain while at surf speed until the wave cleans up. Full surf side quickfill. I put some in the bow bag also. I surf lakes mostly so little or no current, and have found speeds of 11-11.2 work good so far. I use the quicksurf and keep the tab between 80-90%. Others with the 2016's might chime in as far as how many clicks on the switch to get the surf tab in the right position. The boat seems so far to produce a pretty good wave, and getting it dialed in is half the fun.....

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