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  1. My Ri has Landed!

    No issues yet with the trailer. It has been less than a week though. The bu I had through them also had a boatmate, zero issue with it. Currently living in the metropolis of DV. I wasn't a fan of the colors together in the pictures. But different story in the sun and on the water.
  2. My Ri has Landed!

    Yes, It is a Boatmate Trailer. My Dealer prefers them, so that's what they bring in.
  3. My Ri has Landed!

    Roswell Triton
  4. My Ri has Landed!

    Still Waiting on Board Racks! HA
  5. My Ri has Landed!

    Finally Brought it Home!
  6. Congrats 257Tsunami. I'm also waiting for the ice to break to pick up my Ri. Which 257 did you get?
  7. Now for the Ice to dissappear!
  8. Now your setup for a 2017 Ri217? thanks in advance
  9. 2008 VLX 2013 22 MXZ 2017 Ri 217 on order
  10. Centurion's Line for 2017

    The trailers are like any option. The dealer can source out boatmate if that's What you want.
  11. New dealer in Alberta

    The kelowna location picked up centurion a year ago. Calmar "officially" once bu left.
  12. Centurion's Line for 2017

    In floor igloo cooler with sea deck. 4th paint scheme. And a different ram full location. Are some of the new additions coming with the unveil of ri237.
  13. Centurion's Line for 2017

    http://www.wizardlakemarine.com/brands/centurion-new-boats/2017-centurion-ri-237-2/ http://www.wizardlakemarine.com/brands/centurion-new-boats/2017-centurion-ri-217/
  14. Centurion's Line for 2017

    It's Most likely the Ri257. I've seen 4 2017 Ri237 & Ri217 in the flesh!

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