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  1. i have 07' avy... took the plastic out of both sides put in 750 lb's, you can fill them to max capacity, with just a little room, have never knocked out walls.... wish i would have gotten 1100 enzo to fill locker and come forward under seat... with 400 in seat and 400 on fllor makes great goofy wave....
  2. Any old guys in here?

    50.... did hardcore skiing, then transitioned to wakeboarding, now surfing.... awesome.... can surf all day and weekend.... congrats to you on the invert... give em hell !!!!
  3. has anyone heard about crew offer lately???

    Fun at the lake...
  5. good to see everyone on again and chatting... season starts this weekend in southern new mexico... air temp 79 80 this weekend, water 61 64 chilly ish...
  6. come to beauitiful new mexico to surf... 79, 80, 79, fri sat & sun forecast... hello wet suit and first surf of the year this weekend!!! a sore monday at work coming..

  7. Looking for Mirror

    doc have you seen an arm bracket anywhere that will work with this mirror?? kt
  8. Looking for Mirror

    doc.... i found mirror on amazon but, is there a bracket to use to attach to my evolution tower ??? tks kt
  9. Hello everyone.... i've been away for awhile.... nice site... good to see some of the old crew back on.... seems like everyone is waiting for summer.... 64 down here this weekend...

  10. Possibly Good News!

    if i knew how nice a boat this avy was then..... i would have paid 38m.... also very glad i just did it cuz i was right where you are at now trying to decide... doc and duffy and a bunch of the guys were giving me the same advice a yr ago... i'm so glad i just bought it... good luck...
  11. Possibly Good News!

    po.. i've been gone for awhile.... good deal or not??? i bought an 07' avy c-4 with 53 hrs, trailer, evolution tower, 3 factory ballasts, sony stereo w tower speakers, snap on covers, teak deck... 32m last august.... first saw it on ebay... the listing went past and i called to see if still for sale and we worked out a deal... he had it listed for 38m... remember a yr ago we were only 6mths or so away from stock market low last march and a tough economy... this guy had bought boat new in 07"... at a good time in the economy and markets... i agree save some money for stuff... bought everything doc said except got box anchor, 2 surfboards, new speakers and alpine head.... its an expensive sport just like everyone has said... i will say i love the avy just like all the other avy owners have said.... good luck!!!
  12. Wet suit? What is that?

    WOW !!!! holy **** !!!! you guys up there are nuts.... or dedicated..... i am not worthy!!!!!

    mat... wow... dont know what i did wrong.. i did start at window with both sections... i think what happened was with the tie ropes to side of slip it took a little slack out of cover making it really tight... did you just go barefoot and walk around on boat?? most of the time was pulling top tight and then trying to snap on... mostly from the rope taking slack... was very hard to pull and snap.. i took the 2 stands underneath down alot also... im going to try sewlong for a big easy to throw over cover with quick bungie tie down.. may use both if i figure it out... tks kev
  14. h... awesome.... was that snow i saw in the background ??? brrrrrrr.......

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