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  1. It's not perfect but not bad. I guess the good thing is I plan on keeping it for years so I should get my money's worth out of her.
  2. Soooo boat is finally in the shop. 10k for a new merc 383 stroker complete engine. Old engine was in such bad shape due to neglect that it was junk. Install will be about $3k so I'm going to have more $ into this boat than it's worth. But, I don't ever an on selling it and it's still cheaper than relaxing it. Don't think I would have gotten anything for it selling it with a bad engine. Anyhow, hopefully the install goes well and I get another 10 years plus enjoyment out of the new power plant
  3. Great, that's what I was hoping to hear! Thanks fellas!
  4. Ok, that's what I was looking for. My mechanic had not pulled an engine from an Avy before and thought he could leave the tranny in. He mostly does MC and nautiques. Thanks for the response.
  5. 03 avy, does the engine come out easy if you disconnect the tranny? If you can, is the removal fairly easy and straight forward? Any input is greatly appreciated.
  6. So, 9200.00 for a completely new fuel injected PCM. About another 2k for the install. The boat was neglected by previous owners and the current engine is not worth trying to salvage. Add to that, the accessories are worn out, it would be about the same to bolt old stuff on a long block or base engine. I would have to replace quite a few things. At least I'll have a warrentied engine and many years of problem free use ahead. It still sucks though as I only paid 17,500 for the boat in 2009?
  7. ZZZ, that was just the block correct? You then had to transfer over all the accessories I assume.
  8. I'm still waiting for the quote. I preparing myself for the worst though. If I can get it done for less than 10k I'll be happy
  9. Took it to the shop and they heard an internal knocking from lower Part of the engine. Previous owner neglected the boat and did haphazard repairs to current engine. My old mech who knows the boat said its not worth rebuilding as it would nearly cost the same. He suggested dropping in a factory mercuriser. I have a feeling it will be pricy though…
  10. Has anyone done one? I'm looking to get a ballpark idea of how much I'll be spending. Thanks in advance for the insight. Jimbo
  11. Crew, Can anyone give any info on replacement gas shock struts for the observer seat for a 03 Avy? My local marine shop has some but am unsure of what pound strut I need. Thanks for any info. Jimbo
  12. Kids wakeboard

    Can anyone suggest a good reasonably priced wake board for an 8 year old? Anyone have one they would like to sell?
  13. I suspect I am dealing with a water in fuel issue too. The last two outings the boat seems to sputter slightly at all rpm's. After the first day, it ran great for about 20 minutes, then started to sputter again. I added premium gas and a double dose of star bite with no luck. I'm pulling my filter in the morning. Does this sound like water in the gas or am I wrong?
  14. Crazy hydrofoil chairs

    Chris (Jax), you freaking kill it on your foil. You need to post some current riding. That front flip does not accurately reflect your abilities. We are all settled in down south. Spent all day on the boat in the back yard. I'm looking forward to you and the families visit.
  15. X2 on the kill switch. Mine failed while we were idling around, the motor died and none of the switches would move when I turned the key. I jiggled it around, got it started and limped back to the dock. When I got home I bypassed the switch and it fired right up. I've still got it bypassed as I never used that stupid lanyard anyway. One less thing to break.

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