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  1. what tools are required to change an impeller on a H6DI thk
  2. Does anyone know where plug #1 is located as per the owners manual. also other then draining the exhaust and heat excahanger is there anything else that needs to be done the winterize an ri 237
  3. What size are the rear ballast bags in a 2018ri 237
  4. Anyone have the owners manual in PDF. I am looking for it. Want to know how to put in my navionics nav charts for 2018 ri
  5. Wondering if it's worth buying centurions quiet tip exhaust to reduce noise and what is the best surfing prop for a 2014 sv244 thk
  6. So I bought my 2014 sv 244 new nov 2015. In the spring of 2016 we finally got to go do the water test with the dealer, right away I noticed that when powering up the boat the bow bag started filling up and the ramfill said "increase speed to fill". Knowing that that wasn't right I advised the dealer and centurion sent them the software update. So my boat is that the dealer waiting for the screen update, they get the USB from centurion and still it wants to fill right away without pressing on the screen. So I still don't have my boat, they decide that they will change my screen out completely. Once that happened the boat ran fine. This spring (29 May 2017) I take the boat out for the first time this year and I noticed that when we are surfing sometimes the cats orange positional triangle disappears and that the green cats line stays all the way left. I contact the dealership then and don't here back from them. Aug 6 I take my boat out again but this time the ramfill does' work the boat fills up alone at the dock. So I enter the trailer mode and press open, close a few times then drive forward the let the boat think it's filling then I drained them. Then I could fill properly. So go boating and the screen is still acting up. I take the boat out and contact my dealer on the 7th I bring it in and they contact centurion about the valves at the same time we notice that my rudder is not inline anymore so they look and they say it's the keyway that fell out so they fix it. A week later they get the parts to swap out the drain master valves for the new valterra but they never got instructions and there was parts missing. So I contact centurion to make them aware they then remember that in 2014 the software update can't be downloaded of a link so they send a USB to my dealer. That USB never makes it there. So I the 23rd they send another on rush. It gets there on the 25th. So it took 18 days for me to get my valves replaced. I took the boat out yesterday valves work great the boat turned great for about 2hrs before it started rattling again. I still have the issue with the cats. And how it's also happening in neutral. Not sure what to do next my boat is always in the shop, I don't think it's fair the pay that much for a boat and its problem after problem. And my rudder is out of line again.
  7. I got it from gmas. But something went wrong after the update. The screen had my bow ballast off ( faded) and things I don't have like tower lights highlighted. I have to take my boat in tomorrow to get looked at. Also it still doesn't read my nav charts.
  8. How long does the update take on the HV700. thanks
  9. Hello I just got my new 2014 sv 244 on the weekend, with it I bought navionics+ charts. When I go to the gps on the screen it says no data and I can't even move to arrows or zoom in and out. I have made sure that the charts are on the sd card. If anyone could help me that would be awesome. Thanks, Miguel
  10. does any have navionics charts for 2014 touch vision gps thanks Miguel
  11. Does anyone know where I can get a PDFs of the owners manual and the touch screen. Also is there updates for the touch screen, if so where do I get them. Thanks
  12. 2014 sv244 rear sacs

    the 2014 v244 ram fill isn't offered with rear pop just bow pnp.
  13. does anyone know what is the best rear compartment sacs for a 2014 sv244 with ramfill thanks

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