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  1. We are looking at getting him the Slash 4x4 soon after lake season is over. Thankfully it takes the same batteries as the boat! It is a crazy amount of fun and the run time on these batteries is great. I knew we would like it but I'm actually surprised how much. It will take a beating.
  2. We bought my son the Traxxas Spartan and yesterday we jumped the wake of our SV230 for the first time. It's amazing how well these things do in the water! Next time we'll have to weight the boat down and see how it does.
  3. Had the carpet before and this is so much nicer and easier to clean. We did have to get permission from Centurion to use the logo but that was just an easy phone call. We got it through Gator Step direct.
  4. I was having a really hard time finding any information online about the Monster Cargo Bimini so I thought I would post a couple of pictures here for you guys after the install was complete. The medium fit perfectly and the install was straight forward. Even with the 8" Wetsound tower speakers, I am able to stand under the top at 6'2" thanks to the concave design. [ The Gator Step was the same. Straight forward and easy install. It really upgraded the look of the interior too. Now I just need to figure out a replacement for the teak swim deck.
  5. 2005 Enzo SV230 with the 1,450 pound Enzo bag.
  6. I got the 1,450 pound Enzo bag installed and the first ride out went great.
  7. August 2015 pic and video thread

    It's the babysitter. Keeps a 3 year old busy for hours. Unfortunately, those racks don't fit the surfboards. The new one should be here on Friday!
  8. Thanks for the advice guys. Got one Enzo bag in. Here it is not all the way full...just checking for leaks. Other than it being crazy hot outside today, the install was easy.
  9. August 2015 pic and video thread

    Put some weight in the boat today. She is ready for the weekend for sure!
  10. Do you have any higher resolution shots I can see? That looks like it might be perfect. Yours looks great but I need it to fold up easily for storage. We get away with only having to use a 23' slip at our dry dock facility because I take the tower down every time. If I have to leave it up...we have to pay for a 26' for the height.
  11. August 2015 pic and video thread

    ^ That is awesome. I need to do that with my son once we get the wake dialed in.
  12. August 2015 pic and video thread

    Awesome night out last night. Up and getting ready to do it all again today.
  13. I am going to have to pick up some of these. That looks like the perfect option to weight the front of my boat where I don't want to have bags.
  14. I do too other than I cant stand under it at 6'1"
  15. I am. The boat is dry docked at Habersham on Lanier. I'll second the gauges. I was driving my friend's brand new 23LSV Malibu and the boat would go to idle randomly during the run if you used any of the presets. It is really cool but too much computer reliance for me. This boat just came with one hard tank on either side. I just ordered an Enzo 1,450 pound bag for the regular foot side today. I'd really like one above so I can mount some swivel speakers that point down while cruising. I just left the lake getting the boat ready for tonight. Should be perfect out.

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