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  1. Front filler seat

    Looking like that’s what I’m doing too. Good job
  2. 06 avalanche walk thru ballast

    Yes. 370 in the locker and 400 on top. With the extra weight of you port side bag you may be able to put another 400 in floor behind driver seat and fill as needed.
  3. 06 avalanche walk thru ballast

    I’m sry, I just checked my walk thru bag. It’s a 370 not 580. Was thinking about bag I bought to set on back I apologize.
  4. 06 avalanche walk thru ballast

    I’m running the acme 579 prop. Have run the 911 too but the 579 was a better switch between wake and surf for me. Just make sure when you fill the port side bag to try your best to level the boat out. Move people around the boat to help clean up the wave of needed. Also vary your speed some. Don’t get discouraged if it’s not perfect at first. It took me a couple hours to get mine all lined out.
  5. Been looking for a filler seat pad for the front foot well. Anybody have on laying around for an 03 avy?
  6. 06 avalanche walk thru ballast

    I have an 03 avy. I have a 580 in walk through, 400 on top of it, 750 in port locker, 400 in middle of rear seat, and 2 more 400’s I can use if needed depending on passengers. I built my own surf gate out of 3/4” plastic and suction cup handle from harbor freight. My boat rides level. Just put gate on opposite side your surfing. Works out great for me since 1 of my buddies is a lefty. Great push, clean wave. Running about 10mph. As most will tell you it’s all a game of moving weight to get the wave how you like it. If I remember it may be 1100# bag that fills port locker and under seat. Oh, I also fill the factory center tank. The gate made the biggest single improvement on my boat. Hope this helps.
  7. Towing Avalanche with F-150

    if bleeding the brakes does not do the trick you may need a master cylinder.
  8. Towing Avalanche with F-150

    went through this in January. I have my wife pull the avy to the lake with her Tahoe and I pull the rv with my truck. hers would kill the pads twice a year due to the extra weight of the boat during braking. had a bit of a clunk when hitting brakes. found the brakes were engaging on the trailer but not much. ended up needing to replace the master cylinder on the trailer. stops great now and the Tahoe does not work as hard to stop. when I pull it with the power stroke I never worried about the trailer brakes as you really didn't notice it back there. I would recommend doing a brake bleed and see if you get clean fluid to the calipers, flush all the fluid until no air or possible rust comes out. but, just an fyi, I ended up having to replace the calipers as well due to them starting to stick. it sucks to leave the house and get 10 miles down the road and you feel the boat trailer start to pull my f-250 down.
  9. help with details

    sweet. I called fineline a year ago to try to get any build info I could and they told me they did not keep any of the records that long. idk if that was true or they just didn't want to mess with it.
  10. help with details

    Tried that. No info was kept on that old of a boat.
  11. help with details

    Thanks!! That is exactly what I was looking for. Way more info than I was expecting.
  12. Sounds like I will try these next. Thanks
  13. How do the speaker sox hold up compared to the wetsounds skins? I have had my rev 10's on for almost 2 years and had to buy new covers in January. Sun is burning them.
  14. help with details

    Mine has the snap in carpet in the main area. But I have seen it in other wall areas on other boats. Did not know if mine is as ordered or has been removed

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