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  1. Towing Avalanche with F-150

    if bleeding the brakes does not do the trick you may need a master cylinder.
  2. Towing Avalanche with F-150

    went through this in January. I have my wife pull the avy to the lake with her Tahoe and I pull the rv with my truck. hers would kill the pads twice a year due to the extra weight of the boat during braking. had a bit of a clunk when hitting brakes. found the brakes were engaging on the trailer but not much. ended up needing to replace the master cylinder on the trailer. stops great now and the Tahoe does not work as hard to stop. when I pull it with the power stroke I never worried about the trailer brakes as you really didn't notice it back there. I would recommend doing a brake bleed and see if you get clean fluid to the calipers, flush all the fluid until no air or possible rust comes out. but, just an fyi, I ended up having to replace the calipers as well due to them starting to stick. it sucks to leave the house and get 10 miles down the road and you feel the boat trailer start to pull my f-250 down.
  3. help with details

    sweet. I called fineline a year ago to try to get any build info I could and they told me they did not keep any of the records that long. idk if that was true or they just didn't want to mess with it.
  4. help with details

    Tried that. No info was kept on that old of a boat.
  5. help with details

    Thanks!! That is exactly what I was looking for. Way more info than I was expecting.
  6. Sounds like I will try these next. Thanks
  7. How do the speaker sox hold up compared to the wetsounds skins? I have had my rev 10's on for almost 2 years and had to buy new covers in January. Sun is burning them.
  8. help with details

    Mine has the snap in carpet in the main area. But I have seen it in other wall areas on other boats. Did not know if mine is as ordered or has been removed
  9. OK, I have had my 03 avy for about 2-1/2 years now. been mainly enjoying it as well as making repairs and upgrades as money allows. I have done some research on what this boat actually is susposed to have and what series it is with little success. it is by no means perfect but im doing my best to get it back to right. I know it is an avalanche, it says storm series on the side, escalade on the side. this boat has the walk through in the back with 1 big cover that opens for access to engine and port side locker. it had a bag in the port side that may have been 200lbs, another in the walk through locker, and a hard tank under the floor. has perfect pass, and I believe it has a pro flight swoop tower. I guess my questions are what does the storm series mean? escalade? also, I have seen a few pics of others like it that have carpet in areas that mine does not. does anybody have a pic of what it should have had from new? im trying to make it a boat that will last me a few more years until my kids graduate college. then momma said I can have a new one!! I will post a few pics in a minute after I get them on my computer of when I bought it and where it is today. biggest improvments have been major cleaning and complete wetsounds system. thanks in advance for all the great info my fellow crew has to offer.
  10. Membership Drive

    been on here for about a year. just became a supporting member now.
  11. beware of the theves

    Yea, it did get the upgrades I was planning on done a lot faster. But I would have rather had that bit of a safe feeling when my boat is at the shop. we have a dealer for fineline in midland, but not good to deal with. so I use the local marine shop. they are a mercruiser dealer and will do the services to the engine and such, but nothing on the trans or v-drive. wish I lived closer to a major lake area so I would have a few more choices.
  12. beware of the theves

    haven't been on here in awhile, but here is my latest adventure with the boat. took my avy into Liquid Audio in midland in January for a 410 install and new head unit. as well as the rgb rings. They did a great job with the install. the 410 was a great addition to my rev 10's already mounted. when finished I took the boat to my local shop for a couple of repairs and service. while there the boat was sitting inside the fence waiting for parts and a thief decided he needed my stuff more than me. he got all 3 of the amps, both subs, the new head unit, and all of the interior speakers. he has been doing this over a 2 week period from what the cameras told. well, he went back one more night and was in the process of getting out of my boat when the owner of the business( lives there) caught him at gun point.he had my rev 10's off and was stepping off the fender when he got caught. the police were called and he was arrested. now, the theft charges totaled on my boat about $5,500. he ended up getting into 7 other boats that was confirmed. during the arrest he was found with 1 gram of meth in his pocket and found with another gram upon strip search at the jail. so, the theft charges are the least of his problems. the marine dealers insurance would not cover it so I had to turn into mine. sucks, but that's what we pay for it for. he at least paid the deductible out of his own pocket. I took the boat back to Liquid Audio to start over. I guess it was kind of a blessing as I was able to put a bit of cash with it and do the upgrades I was planning on for the next winter. they did a great job with the install as usual. the moral of this is do your best to protect your gear as others may want it more than you.
  13. prop recommendation

    03 avalanche here, running the 911 3 blade. prop does a good job but have noticed a bit of cavitation under heavy loads. I had a 579 4 blade I loved but got some rock damage. un repairable. but will be buying another before long. im running my ballast the same side to side with a 400 inbetween the windshields. running a home made surf gate. great wave.
  14. March Pictures and Videos

    Wake boarding on February 28th in west Texas. 71deg air temp, 55deg water temp. It was cool to say I did it but was still cold water Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Been a bit but finally got to test the sub. Worked great, until we were finishing the cleaning of the inside of the surround and poked a finger through Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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