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  1. Yellowing vinyl?

    I had a similar issue with the white on my seats towards to the top. I used a soft bristle brush and some 303 aerospace protectant and it brought the seats back to white. Just takes a little elbow grease!
  2. First boat

    Yeah it's a 5.7 liter Chevy block. Any authorized mercruiser dealer should be able to perform any service you need done on it. At least that was my experience. One word of advice if you do buy that boat, replace the distributor cap every season or two. It sits directly under the ski pole so any water you have that drains through there (we always hung wet jackets on it which was a lot of our problem) drains onto the distributor and will start to corrode and cause the motor to misfire over time. I think they are roughly $40 to replace. It'll save you some headaches.
  3. First boat

    I do my boating on Dale Hollow Lake, northeast of you and I've only ever seen 2 other Centurions. The rest are Malibu, Supra, and MC. The only problem we run into with Centurion is the lack of a strong dealer network in the area. Our 05 Lightning had the Black Scorpion in it so it was easy to find someone to work on it if needed. PCM dealers can be a little more challenging to find. I believe there is a Centurion dealer in the Johnson City area. I'm not sure how good they are as I've never dealt with them. But as far as surf boats go, I think the lightning is going to give you more of the wave you are looking for than what a Bu will. JMTC.
  4. First boat

    Yeah I can't speak on behalf of the Malibu's for that time frame. The only ones I had ever been behind were 09 and newer and the Lightning could put out a better surf wave. It was a great boat! Does the boat you found have hard tanks in the rear lockers? I also ride regular and didn't have hardly anyone ride goofy so what they say about the Malibu could be true.
  5. First boat

    I used to have an 05 Lightning. Put over 700 hours on it before upgrading. I'll have to try to dig up a few surf wave pictures although I definitely didn't tweak it as much as I could and should have. Ran the stock center tank and a 750# sack in the port rear locker. Had a boat full of people most all of the time and it would throw a really nice wave. I'll try to find a few pictures. I probably wakeboarded behind the boat more than what I surfed early on and I thought it was a nice wake for the very little ballast the boat had. 4 torn ACL's later I decided to put the wakeboard away. The deep v hull definitely gives the edge to Centurion for the options you are looking at IMO.
  6. Centurion's Line for 2017

    Same here. You would think they would try to market the release just a little...oh wait, marketing isn't Fineline's strong suit.
  7. FS33 FS44 QS set up

    I experiment with my FS33 and dialed in a hybrid type of wave. We usually have about 8 adults in the boat. I ride regular so this is the setup I use for surf left. Port Ramfill: 100 Starboard Ramfill: 25 Rear PNP: 100 Bow: Either 2 people or 50% PNP CATS: 20 Tab: 30-40 QS: Surf left set at 50. Speed: 11.2-11.4 I've noticed when I turn the quick surf on with the boat waited this way, it brings RPM's down and really lengthens out the wave. Still has tons of push.
  8. Centurion's Line for 2017

    Really starting to lose my patience! How much longer are they going to make us wait?!
  9. Interior pics

    Babe's spot solver will take those water spots out of the carbon fiber with a quick spray and wipe down with a rag. Not much elbow grease required.
  10. Crew Hats

    I'd be interested in 1
  11. Quiet Tip Silencer

    I ran into the same issue. I didn't notice much of a sound difference but also am unsure when it fell off. Didn't know until I pulled the boat out to wash and wipe down. Centurion warrantied the tip.

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