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  1. what am i missing?

    well when it rains it pours, 2 extremely interested buyers. the guys are right, things are starting to heat up.
  2. what am i missing?

    lol...I am selling mine (2013 fx 22 fully loaded 148hrs for 56500) ...and I'm in the same boat...couple people looking for pics but nothing more...I thought it was priced right to move!
  3. March pictures and videos

    you using suck gate or anything for this video? whats setup?
  4. FX22 vs Nautique

    I am selling my fx22 and trailer for 59 300. fully loaded with 140 hrs. 1 yr remaining on engine warranty. Bought in 2014. It has bags so it has options for storage. http://www.onlyinboards.com/2013-Centurion-fx22-for-sale-Ottawa-Canada-62443.aspx. in all honesty great for surfing, and when u roll at 21 plus it has a great wakeboard wave. I have never had any issues with water coming over the side or bow so that shouldn't be an issue. a friend of mine has a 230 and loves to wakeboard behind mine. that being said he rolls at 21-23mph and pro level. Hope this helps. good luck!
  5. has anyone used it on the fx 22 yet?
  6. uhh good info....i have quick fill and I haven't done this once when putting boat on lift...maybe I should start!
  7. shaker siphon is amazing...especially for 9.99. only problem is they last for roughly a year or two that's it...but at 9.99 who cares!
  8. Any one tried the new rusty surf wakesurf boards? How do they ride?
  9. I'm currently riding a soulcraft board with quad fin setup with future f4 fins...any suggestions on new fins? looking for something a little faster
  10. CANADA Crew

    I live in ottawa...unfortunately I am away for work tom till sat....next time hit me up in advance.
  11. yep same problem with mine...kill switch was broken!
  12. ohhh so by the sounds of it i should not update?
  13. I just took my boat out of storage and I am having the same issue. blower, bilge radio etc all work....when i turn key on gauge goes all the way left sometimes but screen won't power up...and alarm doesn't sound....I took the panel apart that houses the killswitch and ignition and realized the wire for my kill switch was off. Then when I put the lanyard back on i broke the kill switch....uhhh...anyway might be loose wire...I am bringing it to dealer tom and i will let you know asap what the problem is.

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