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  1. 1999 Centurion Elite V

    I never had a gate on my 02, but I did have a lot of weight and it was absolutely surfable without a rope. As always be careful and use common sense, I didn’t always run all this weight, in fact it was rare and I doubt I had all this in it, just bag sizes. Figure out what works for you and what you feel safe with. Safety first and second, take your time. You don’t need a magazine wave to surf
  2. Lets see your ride doing work!

    Tow vehicle time, this is what you spent all that money looking good on the way to the ramp for!
  3. Lets see your ride doing work!

    Haha, been a ride doing a lot of fishing and hunting. Wife and I are starting to really itch for another boat, both wanting for a surf session and bumming pulls is not made for us!
  4. Lets see your ride doing work!

    Man this thread turned out some sweet rides...
  5. Air Compressor Recommendations?

    sounds like you don't need anything crazy. I would look at a nice simple unit then drop one of these https://www.lowes.com/pd/Kobalt-Multi-Purpose-Air-Tank/50126548?cm_mmc=SCE_PLA-_-ToolsAndHardware-_-CompressorsDiyAndStationary-_-50126548:Kobalt&CAWELAID=&kpid=50126548&CAGPSPN=pla&store_code=487&k_clickID=fdcc9858-b8cb-48f9-a08a-401e9aaa31b6&gclid=CjwKEAjw2qzHBRChloWxgoXDpyASJAB01Io0fghmiar47hbt0eldtuyu53MqiDr7ecPUN5VtPcVZmRoCaK7w_wcB in line tanks beside it. Simply unhook the extra reservoir and take it wherever you want. Plus extra air storage when operating normally that can band-aid not having a bigger tank/motor.
  6. Going really well, whole lot going on. Didn't know I could be so busy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Centurion's Line for 2017

    You could probably get a 21 supreme in the 50s this winter... I priced a bare a20 for 58 this summer.... 50k wake boat doesn't exist anymore other than the tractor
  9. Supreme S238 vs. Axis T23

    I would love to see your wake. Haven't been able to get many examples of 238 wakes, only heard it was an improvement over 226
  10. 2017 S238 ?

    Really digging the new tower/windshield on white hulled boats. That white and purple is absolute money
  11. Supreme S238 vs. Axis T23

    How serious you are about wakeboarding/ wakeboard wake vs surfing is pretty important in this comparison
  12. S226 research

    Whoop whoop!!
  13. Other way around. I went from Jordan to Wylie.
  14. Do believe that's my local dealer now, glad to see them supporting.
  15. Home page --> store --> memberships..... Uploading photos may be difficult but it's pretty simple to purchase a membership.
  16. I think it looks good on the white boat
  17. S226 research

    Fx/Fs22 Excited to see what you end up with. Choosing between some fantastic boats
  18. Pretty. Guess there will not be a sub 100k boat
  19. North Carolina Lakes info needed

    I used to be on Jordan and it was ok. Big open water, south end gets you away from a lot of the nonsense and into some nicer water. My storage was on the far south end of Jordan at Jordan Dam RV park. Storage had vey limited availability but it was about1- 2 miles from ramp. Very rural area with limited places to fill up with fuel. Storage was top cover with chain link gates front and back that could be locked just give him a key also. Older man lived there and watched over everything. It was extremely affordable, but was not fancy. No great cleaning place and dirt/ground for floor. I don't know a ton about tillery but have only heard good things.
  20. S226 research

    If your kids are young and interested in progressing in wakeboarding at a high level/you want a great platform for them to do so I would have hesitation with a 226. It seems it can get decent and good tricks can be thrown but running 24+ mph got old quick at 21-22 much less 8 years old. Maybe test one with them and let them ride it and make sure it's good. Don't let them or yourself hide behind we want the pretty boat if it's not what fits your needs. There are other centurion and supreme products that may. If you care more about wakeboarding than surfing but want a great boat for both I think a used 22 would really be up high on my list. Not meaning to scare you away just wanting you to look hard at what you want and not just what is available right now. Realizing your boat isn't what you want blows. I have heard the 238 wakeboard wake to be better. Maybe wait and find one that's more your style or order one.
  21. No problem! After all, it was a free surf trip so it's not all work haha. Plus, it was the best surfing I've ever done and he wouldn't let me pay for fuel so it was good stuff. Granted I probably bought his new sand rail with my last boat
  22. So hunting down what's caused my engine to crap out after surging a few times then stalling and running like complete crap and dying. Symptoms seem to be fuel related. Oil pressure perfect, temperature perfect no smoke at all. So, I'm thinking I've got a clogged fuel filter, fuel water separator, bad fuel pump, bad gas or all of the above. Is there a way to check fuel filter and separator without just simply replacing? Example.. Remove filter oh this is fine, put it back on. Or should I go ahead and buy the parts and replace? I think I have a handle on where the separator is but does anyone have a good explanation of he fuel filter location?

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