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  1. I had this same issue on a 2014 Enzo 233 and we had a loose power cable in front of the main battery switch housing. Not totally convinced this corrected the issue but haven't seen it since after a couple outings.
  2. Where did you get your valves and what did they cost if you don't mind me asking? My driver side valve sticks opened a majority of the time and haven't found a fix for it. Was just going to replace it if it's not too expensive.
  3. Hi all, looking into purchasing an FAE for my 2014 SV33 and saw posts for the integration of the FAE into the trim tab. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts assuming this is possible for this boat. The install looks cleaner for this type of setup but want to make sure this is the route to go. Appreciate any feedback here!!
  4. Hi guys update here. My issue ended up not being a fuse/circuit breaker, the valve lever was disconnected from the valve actuator and hence not filling the ballasts. Is it standard practice to disconnect these when winterizing the boat? Not sure why the previous owner would have done this. Hopefully heading out tomorrow to test this. Thank you for the help with draining the ballasts with trailer mode while in the water. Worked like a champ.
  5. The Ramfill fill/drain options are present but the valves don't open or close at all when you manually try to fill them. In fact I hear nothing engaging or trying to engage so I suspect or hope it's fuse/circuit breaker issue just need to find them. Also good idea on checking voltage at the valve which would rule out a fuse issue. For now we will use the manual valve levers until we work this out. Heading back out on the 4th should will troubleshoot further then. Again we appreciate the help!
  6. Thank you InfinitySurf for the detailed reply. Based on the info above looks like the RAMFILL ballasts are not filling from the electronics. From what I read the fuse box is under the steering column but the only circuit breakers I see are NAV/ANC, Bilge, Acc1, Acc2 etc. The previous owner installed a subwoofer on that back wall so could the fuse box be located behind that panel? Can't thank you enough for your help here!! We are located in Raleigh, NC so not too far from Lake Normon. In fact my son's girlfriend are heading there next week for vacation. Oh sorry one last question do you recommend filling both sides when using ramfill? When we manually did this the wave was unbelievable but wonder if we can just fill the side we are surfing from only.
  7. Thanks all for the replies here. Our biggest issues at the moment are filling and draining the ballasts. When we test drove the boat at the dealership (Malibu Dealership) the ballasts didn't seem to be filling. He pulled the middle seat over the V-drive area and pulled the two silver levers which seemed to fill quickly (See attached photo). After talking to Centurion the guy told me they used for emergency only to dump water if the electronics were out. Is that the case here? If so we've went out multiple times using this process :| In regards to draining, after the test drive we pulled the boat out of the lake and he hit trailer mode and it seemed like half the water from the lake drained out. Is that because we manually opened the valves while out on the lake? If so when you manually drain the ballasts while in the lake would this water also drain? And lastly it appears one of the valves in the back is left either open or closed. Next to the silver handle there is a black plastic arm that stays up while the other one is down. Is this normal? Sorry for all the questions here just new to this type of boat and an instruction manual or video would be nice. Thanks all for any help
  8. Hi All, we just purchased a used 2014 Enzo Sv233 and the previous owner didn't have a manual. I've looked online and searched forums here to no avail. Does anyone have one they can share (assuming this isn't against forum rules) or where I can download one. Any help is mucho appreciated!!

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