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  1. 2016 SV244 pricing

    Thanks for passing on the boat...I love it!
  2. Supreme Font?

    Ditto? Please...
  3. SV244 vs. fs33

    I agree with everything above...the SV244 is an amazing boat to surf behind.
  4. 15W40 Rotella or something else???
  5. I use this and it keeps the bilge at a constant 40 degrees or so...http://www.westmarine.com/buy/caframo--pali-bilgesafe-heater-400w-with-thermostat--12960282?cm_mmc=PS-_-Google-_-Shopping_PLAs-_-12960282&adpos=1o5&creative=54604289524&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&gclid=CJS1ku6-6sgCFUqRHwodqiAGrA I've seen it much cheaper. e
  6. Fly boy big boy vs Phase 5 wire

    Phase 5 Wire is the best thing I have ridden to date with regard to wake surfing. I worked with a shaper on two custom boards with no luck. It took me 30 seconds on the wire to know it was the board for me.
  7. I almost got one of these...https://eriewake.com/ but I ended up with a Phase 5 Wire 53" http://shop.phase5boards.com/products/wire-surf with these fins http://www.surffcs.com/shop/sup-surf-fins/3ds-large-side-fin-set and fit my style and needs pretty well. I may end up adding a thruster/trailer (third fin). I had a couple of custom boards as a collaboration project with local shaper I know but they do not compare to the Wire. It a solid board and super light. 1500.00!?! for one board, geesh.
  8. Phase 5 Wire.

    The 53". I ride behind a centurion 244 and a supreme S21
  9. Phase 5 Wire.

    I have it and love it. I am 180ish and 5'11". It surfs like a longer board than it is because of the blunt nose. I've had a couple of custom boards made for me and I like this production board the best.
  10. On my S21 I found that Quicksurf is pretty amazing with both sides of the plug and play filled and the surf side quickfill full. Yes it still leans but and it leans even more with the plate deployed. The ability to adjust and dial in the wave is limitless. Only beginning to scratch the surface with this so far so good.
  11. 2015 Mojo vs 2015 SV233

    Moomba ='s spider cracks...stay away...stay far away.
  12. '13 elite V? What should I pay?

    We don't have elevation in Virginia so Sac it however you want, I did. It was my boat so I should know. I never had an issue with the 303 of any kind pulling anything or anybody. It's a great boat.
  13. 2015 S21 vs S226 SURF WAVE

    from another thread- I drove this boat for a few pro friends of mine and my daughters boyfriend Parker (James Walker, Sean Cummings, Parker Payne, and Jason Lybeck) earlier this summer when we were practicing for the competition at my local lake in AZ. You are pretty close to having it dialed but there are 2 things that the S21 doesn't like, one is bow weight and the other is counter weight. Like Boot Juicer said (and I used to have a V226 as well) take out pretty much all of your counter weight. I wouldn't run more than 200 lbs of counter weight on either side. I also noticed that the starboard side liked 100% trim and the port liked 50% trim. I ran the surf side quickfill full, surf side pnp full, and a 400 lb surf side under seat bag full, along with about 200 lbs of counter weight at 10.6 on port and 11.2 on starboard. Here are some videos and pics of the wave with that setup. all are on a 2014 S21
  14. Boat Shows.

    We can't wait to see our new Supreme that we are closing on tomorrow at the Richmond Boat Show. Thanks Joe!

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