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  1. Here's the a pic of the boat
  2. Unfortunately the time has come to sell my Enzo. It is an 06 with switchblade, pro80's and LED spreaker lights. I think 36-38 is a good price. Now the bad, interior was completely redone two years ago and some of the material is bad due to not being high quality. Also there are stress cracks around the vents and gas caps. What is a fair price to sell for 30k?
  3. NADA Values

    Ship it!!!!
  4. NADA Values

    I have an 06 Sv230 with switch blade I would sell for 40k obo
  5. 2016 CCC Weekend Hats

    When will these be shipped?
  6. Centurion's Line for 2017

    Supremes are getting higher also. When my local dealer released th S21 2014 I entertained the idea of buying at 62 out the door with rev8s, same boat and year minis the rev8s they wanted 63 before tt&l last month. These boat prices are ridiculous.
  7. Snap In Carpet

    I rhought about buying their boat covers, were you happy with them?
  8. I have been noticing quite a few companies selling diffrent suck gates and swim platform gates for around $250 bucks on facebook, kinda cool
  9. This is from another thread on here, but it might answer your question
  10. Awesome Thank You!!!! Next question, will you still angle the edges on your next HDPE plastic sheet?
  11. Can you list yoyr parts for your suckgate and why all the holes?
  12. I learned how surf on this said Tige, pretty good wave with no weight
  13. Switchblade Surf Addition

    I fill my enzo sack and depending on the crew size I put some weight in the bow. I put my switchbalde at 3.5 and my speed is 11.7 -12.
  14. Switchblade Surf Addition

    Dj James said it is interchangeable, however it is only recommend for surfing. He said to not use it for wakeboarding. If you follow him on Facebook he has some videos of ththew surfblade without weight and with an enzo sack
  15. Switchblade Surf Addition

    I talked to Dj James about it, the price is $1500. I am waiting to see pics of the darkside wave.

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