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  1. I've never experienced this before. The boat is idling in neutral while we listen to the hydroplane races on our local AM station, i pop the boat in gear and get all kinds of static/interference over the radio. Put the boat back in neutral and it goes away. Any ideas what could be causing this?
  2. Looks like WakeMakers brand pump, they must buy from a manufacturer like Water Puppy or someone. I'll have to shop around and see if that is a good price @ $220. Here a picture
  3. 2006 Elite V C4 w/ Scorpion 5.7 and ACME 1579 LH 13.5 x 14.25 Currently have mid factory tank (not sure how big that is) and 2 440 lb bags.... One in rear port locker and the other usually on the seat pushed to port side. People weight in bow seems to take away wave height, guessing because I don't think i have enough rear weight. This does OK but want a longer wave and one that has a cleaner top. We all surf on port side. I'd like to have more weight in rear locker that is auto fill/drain then I could use my small bags where I need them. WakeMakers has suggested this... 900 lb bag for locker (they think 1,100 lb is too big) Use the existing drain plug just forward of V drive for fill point (I don't want to drill + I never use this drain plug) T into an existing vent/drain line Use a reversible pump Does this setup sound OK to you guys? I think it was around $700.00.
  4. Great stuff. Thank you all for the tips and advice. I need to take the time and just do all the above, go through and check everything. It clunks pretty good too when starting from a dead stop... there was a post about that not too long ago. From what I can tell they are Teailer Buddy Axels by LIF P All four hubs were equally as hot.
  5. How hot should the wheel bearing hub get? The last tow home about 10 miles and 50/50 city versus freeway driving after getting home they were almost too hot to hold on to. Not sure if 'hub' is the correct term so here's a picture. The hot area was inside the lug nuts, which were hot too.
  6. QuickSilver 25W-40 synthetic blend. This is per my Mercury engine owners manual.
  7. What kind should I use in here....?
  8. Seal

    Man what a pita to even reach those screws! I'll give it a go...
  9. Seal

    This looks like your picture. How do I know how much grease? Will it squeeze out of the removed screw holes?
  10. Seal

    I have the same boat and same question. I hope you don't mind if I tag along with your question. I have a tube that carries water to the shaft, what does that do? Also, appears to be a grease zirk down there, how often should that be checked?
  11. I put a 1579 on our 2006 Elite V and have been very pleased with the results! Great hole shot and holds surfs speeds very well... no complaints whatsoever.
  12. Last year was our first season in our 2006 Elite V w/ Black Scorpion 5.7. Bought the boat in October of 2013 with 117 hrs on it. Now we have 150 hrs going into this season. I changed the oil last year and plan to change it again now. I did not service the transmission or V-Drive fluids. The previous owner had the boat serviced every year at the dealer so these may have been changed in 2013. I see the manual states to change these fluids every season. In checking the fluid levels of each the fluids look very clean. Should I change these fluids anyway? How easy is it to change the v-drive and transmission fluids? I am pretty handy and take very good care of our boat but question if an annual change is really needed. Also, changed out the fuel/water separator last year. Is this a recommended annual change as well? We never fuel on the water so there's not that extra chance of getting water into the fuel. I'll value all of your opinions! Thanks for the help.
  13. Don't feel bad, I made the same mistake with my new to me 2006 Elite V with the same motor as you.
  14. I called ACME and they said the goto prop for my boat and for surfing/boarding was the 1579. Yes, you should call them to see what they will say. I remember Wakemakers recommending a prop for my boat that I didn't end up getting... Bought my prop from them though. I top out at around 48 or so I think at almost full throttle.

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