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  1. That's a great idea WakeDoc. Any idea what something like that would cost and how much energy that would consume? I want to say when we built our electrician wired it for heaters but with our energy bill hitting around $400 during the winter months wasn't really keen on adding more to that lol.
  2. The cold spell is about to hit Washington and although I've winterized my boat and keep it garaged it does still get cold enough in there to make me nervous. Was wondering if I am supposed to keep my quick fill gates open during the winter? Thought I read in here that it was recommended. Thanks guys!
  3. Hmmm wonder if that is the new flyboy in the rack? Racks must be a little bigger since the flyboy doesn't fit that nicely in our 2013 sv233 rack. Maybe a year or two and I can upgrade to that bad boy.
  4. Subwing

    Man first thing I thought of was how it looks like a human on the end of fishing line just waiting for a big shark to come after it.
  5. We have a steep hill down to our launch and by the time I get down there brakes smell terrible. Trying downshifting gears and it is still bad. Once in a while when I pull the trailer down with out the boat the trailer will studder like the brakes are locking. Any suggestions?
  6. Just wondering how people are going in and doing their wake plate settings. We have had some issues where it feels as if the plate isn't engaging and the wave stays pretty flat. Anyone have issues with this. Seems like we have to put the auto plate on and then move it one up or one down once we get on plain. I've manually moved it up and down via the "blinker switch" next to the steering wheel while we were trailed so I know it's working.
  7. Buying a new 2015 FS-22?

    The only 2015's I've seen were an sv244 and an ss210 at this website http://www.transitionwatersports.com
  8. Any Crew on Lake Chelan WA?

    Condo looks awesome! You're right....a little small for what we are looking for. You guys have a great summer as well and a good time with your three weeks in Chelan.
  9. Any Crew on Lake Chelan WA?

    The link doesn't work says page not found. Would like to look at it online and see if that would work for just our family. We normally get like 3-4 families and rent a big house. That's awesome that you guys are so close to retirement and have a lake retreat to be able to use. We would like to do something like that one day, but retirement is a long ways away for us. Surf and snow that's they way to do it. 50 hours is good. We put about that many so far this summer.
  10. Any Crew on Lake Chelan WA?

    My family and I rented a lake house in Chelan a few years back and are talking about doing again next summer. Maybe we can coordinate. That sucks that your cabin and boat go unused for such a long period. For the price we paid for out boat we try to take it out every weekend during the summer Fortunately for us aside from the air quality have been unaffected by the numerous fires in Wa. It has been a brutal summer for a lot of families here. Seems to me as if this has been the worse year for fires. Where in NM? Only been once for a friends wedding in Las Cruces.
  11. Any Crew on Lake Chelan WA?

    What's up Guido we aren't on Chelan but we live in Ephrata, Wa which is about an hour and a half away from chelan. We usually will go out to steamboat rock out at banks lake or spring canyon at Roosevelt. We also have a low key smaller lake we go to for quick outings.
  12. Witherell's and their 226

    Wave looks pretty consistent on both sides!!
  13. finally got ramfill fixed

    Boat looks slammed now let's see the wave!
  14. New Boat

    Nice boat and I agree that the green is here to stay.

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