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  1. Where would one find a stainless steel bubble?
  2. https://www.boardco.com/centurion-strut-stsl16 I think I found it.
  3. I noticed a few folks have done an aftermarket install of the Prob "Bubble" to accommodate a bigger prop. For me, that area is damaged from a broken strut. Since that area needs to be repaired anyways, I was thinking of installing a "Bubble" rather than fix the fiberglass/gel coat. Can someone post pictures of their install? How hard was it? Also, where can I find an aftermarket "bubble"? Google doesn't seem to know much about it.
  4. I broke the strut on my boat a while ago and I need to buy a new one. The model number "appears" to be STSL 18. That last digit is hard to make out. Just wanted to confirm it's STSL 18 and not STSL16. Does anyone know? I assume the digits refer to the angle of the shaft.
  5. I'm thinking of picking up a wakefoil. I see a wakefoil 2.0 on wakemakers. Any feed back from anyone who owns any wake foils? Also, is there a forum discount for wakemakers?
  6. I generally catch and release. Don't really trust the fish in these lakes. I spend a lot of time anchored due to the company I am in so fishing seems to be a reasonable alternative.
  7. Definitely far left or far right answers on this one...
  8. I got the steering cable unhooked from the rudder part (what is that called?). There's a tube which the steering rod part goes into and screws on to the end. Do you guys usually clean that tube out and regrease? I tried taking that tube out to clean it out... it's super awkward to get to the nuts underneath. Also, there's a rubber grommet with a fiber grease thing inside. Also needs to be replaced? Where can I find it?
  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I didn't think about the boat ramp. I'll definitely try that next time.
  10. Just curious, I've been plumbing in some new Enzo sacs and noticed that all of the rubber tubing throughout the rear lockers are just covered in black soot. Kind of like the black soot you see in the engine compartment in a car. This can't be normal? I've never seen this in other boats.
  11. I just installed two Enzo sacs - 1450lbs each. I have two Wayfair drain pumps connected to the rear drain holes which are near the back of the boat. I am filling with a Johnson pump with one of the top fill holes. When I drain the sac, I cannot get all of the water out. It appears the rear of the boat is actually slightly higher so water is pooled forward. I would say it's about 100 to 150 lbs of water left behind. There's no 'drain hole' at the front of the sac. Just another fill hole. What do you guys do out there to drain the sac? Also, what's wrong with running the Johnson pump in reverse and draining with that pump too?
  12. That's down to $105 now. I've not seen it that cheap before myself.
  13. ^^ Anyone? https://jet.com/product/product/b149580e9f4c466c9bc5b1fa6e8e3fc2?jcmp=afl:link:3*BIL10dmOI:414385:1:10&siteID=3.BIL10dmOI-vua8EPq0eQquOcuHkPybEg spring15 code drops it to $153.

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