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  1. Falcon V 09 or Lightning 06 ?

    I'd say considering your needs I'd go with the Falcon V. Besides the fact that it's a smoking deal, it sounds like it will be more suited for your all around needs. The 220 is a great boat, but it's not really a comparable model. It's a strict wake boat and is very weight sensitive, so the wake is very tricky to manage. I'd go with the Falcon V.... Just my .02 Good Luck!
  2. Weighing and Boat speed

    Avalanche 24.7 / 75 feet/ Triple Ballast plus 500. Wakesetter 23LSV 24 / 75 Feet / Quad Stock Ballast, 1500 plus Wedge
  3. Anybody surfin' an Avalanche near East TN?

    Kevin - I am the dealer in Kingsport and I'd be more than willing to load up any boat however you want. I've put a few hundred hours on Avalanches and have been able to get them pretty dialed in. The boat above that Joe mentioned is at our shop and is super nice and we also have a 2010. Again, I'd be more than happy to load them up and let you get a taste of what kind of wave they'll really make. Nate
  4. Are dealers selling boats?

    Minnow.... I'll be glad to help you find something, and trade for the X. PM me for my cell.
  5. CBK NATE!

    Empty now.
  6. centurion logo

    pm your email to me and I'll send a high res one to you.
  7. Wakeboarding music

    My all time favorite song for riding is.... Anxiety by Black Eyed Peas w/Papa Roach.... Amped when I hear that one!
  8. boat hull designs

    David - (mdboats) said it best. I couldn't have said it better. From the discussions you and I have had, I think the Falcon will be a great fit.
  9. J-Star?

    J-Star is a brand often overlooked. They're mostly sold overseas, but are a solid product. I've been approached by them to carry their product and would consider but have been exclusive to RON1X since their inception and just don't want to break that relationship. JSTAR is solid for sure!
  10. Newbie question

    Hey David - Glad to see you on here. I don't think you'll have an issue, between me and the other guys at our store, we have backed some boats into some very interesting places and have managed to do so successfully. Just FYI.... I'll be glad to let you take a boat to your house and make sure it'll work.
  11. Fall Ride

    Rope is 75 and speed is 24ish... Thanks for the comments.
  12. Fall Ride

    Thanks. It was.
  13. Fall Ride

    This is a vid from our last ride of the year..... CBK Vid
  14. New member saying hi

    Welcome....Profile shot is sick!
  15. Are you a big fan of Camo on a wakeboat

    I think it's "An a$$ for every seat" Sounds like a cliche, but it's so true.

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