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  1. Hi Crew, my rocker switch that controls power to the stereo is no longer working. Can anyone provide removal and installation instructions? its on the console near right of the steering wheel on a 08 enzo Thanks!
  2. hi crew, i have my starter off and wanted to check the condition of my flywheel but i can seem to move it by hand..i am just reaching into the small opening usually covered up by the starter...is there a better way to manually move the flywheel? Should it be that stuck so as not be able to be move by hand via the starter window? thanks for any help you can offer...
  3. Overheating,

    Where is the tranny cooler and thermostat located? Thx
  4. Hi Crew. Any directions on how to change the t-stat on the black scorpion? Thx
  5. one week til lake powell!

  6. Winterized my black scorpion 5.7

    would anything be different than what is shown in these pics to do this work on the 6.2 instead of the 5.7? thanks!
  7. in my 07 enzo 240 i have four ballast jabsco pumps, two for water in-take and two for water out-take, one of my water out-take pumps is not working, I am wondering if I can replace it with a much cheaper single direction pump? any reason why this pump that only pumps out water has to be reversible? Thanks for your help! Robb
  8. thanks a ton for your help...i was using a 6 inch drop and had the same issue, but will remeasure to ensure i am level.....all the suggestions are very helpful... Robb
  9. Hi all, just purchased a new vechicle, 07 GMC Denali XL, half ton...i am towing an 07 enzo s240 with a 12 inch drop hitch with a 6000 lb rated ball. When i approach 65mph I am getting some serious sway in the trailer... Just wondering if you experts have any suggestions on how to reduce/remove the sway, or if you can post what your hitch set up is for optimal towing would sure be helpful.. thanks Robb
  10. Hi Crew, first time post here from new centurion owner. I have an 07 enzo s240 used it all last year with no problems, but this year, when i pulled it out of storage, I noticed that the three controls on the right side of the steering wheel, that control the switchblade, the on/off, the manual, and the up/down button don't light up, and I can't get the switch blade to respond...also, my stero is not working, the Stero switch on the switch panel lights up, but the stero is not responding... Does this sound like a fuse? any help is much appreciated.

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