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  1. 2008 ENZO SV230

    I have run our 2008 Sv230 for the last 5 years (purchased it in 2012 with 100 hrs). Great boat, maybe down on power compared to all the new stuff but if throws a great wave (with Enzo sacs added, Stock is about a 1000 pounds light ). I have just turned 400 hours and as long as its maintained should keep going for a long time. Good Luck
  2. Just in case any one else is looking for this info in the future the company that makes all the brass parts on the bottom of the boats (ours and many others) is called Marine Hardware. They make the famous tuneable rudder that many of us have. The are in Florida and Washington state and were able to help me out, Jason
  3. I had mine made a few years back by a local metal fabricator. Likely the easiest way
  4. Anyone have any suggestions on where to purchase a replacement rudder for a 2008 Enzo 230. I had a little issue on the water today and I am in need of a replacement. I have emailed a couple dealers but woudl like to know if there is some where else I should be looking. Cheers' Jason
  5. Surfing the Okanagan

    Lots of opinions from people who dont live here. Okanagan is amazing, long boating season, with a couple big lakes. We are moored on Woods Lake which joins with Kal Lake (Between Lake Country and Vernon) and is warmer and generall calmer than Okanagan Lake. Great sized city to raise a family (we have a 7 and 9 year old) and all amenities are close. The Okanagan is expensive but no more than most Canadian cities in Western Canada and with US dollars that will be more reasonable. If you need any help when you are looking or recomendations of a realtor PM me and I can offer some thoughts/ feed back. ps. Osoyoos, Salmon Arm etc are beautiful places to visit/ Vacation but not really places to live unless you want the small town lifestyle. Cheers Jason
  6. Speaker Size?

    Thanks so much guys, its great to be able to search and find most of the info I need but help is appreciated.
  7. Speaker Size?

    I believe the current speakers are POLK DB651 http://www.polkaudio.com/db651/d/1100C2679 I am going to run POLK MM651 which appear to be a good replacement size wise. http://www.polkaudio.com/mm651-um/d/1152C2781 I just wanted to make sure I am not missing anything that one of you guys with more experience might see.
  8. Speaker Size?

    Guys, My 08 Enzo is still under wraps for winter but I wanted to order a couple replacement speakers for my tower. I believe these POLK speakers are 6.5', any chance they are smaller than that? Any help would be appreciated. Jason
  9. 2007 to 2008 Enzo 230 Difference?

    I got decadence to do mine this winter and it was my 08 enzo 230. Just installed it Sunday and fits great. Should be the same on the 07 as the 08 I would guess
  10. I am trying to order a Pss seal, I am looking for some help on what I need to measure to determine the shaft size ( ie. simple measure the shaft around the prop ) and more importantly what is the shaft tube and how to measure this. If any one has the part number or sizes for a 08 enzo 230 or can help me figure out what to measure it would be appreciated. Thanks of the help and sorry I had to introduce myself with a question ( got the boat two months ago).

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