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  1. Mine ended up being the entire Throttle control electronics... Dealer replaced under warranty, and working great now.
  2. Wondering how you resolved this issue. My 2014 FX22 starting doing this a couple weeks ago... Generally reseting the breakers was all I needed to do to get it going again, however yesterday it died altogether... Spent the entire day checking connections / fuses, etc... but no luck. Did you end up replacing the starter button, or the neutral sensor? Thanks
  3. Just heard the weather forecast for tonight... Supposed to get down to - 5 degrees celsius (28 F) tonight... Boat isn't going into the Shop for winterization for a couple days yet... Is there something I should be doing or concerned with for freezing? I.e. draining block or adding antifreeze??? Dealer has informed me the winterization has to done in the correct order / process, but has neglected to let me know what this is... Any thoughts or comments appreciated. Thanks
  4. 257Tsunami - That must be Koocanusa, is it? If so we are on the same lake. Would really like to be able to mark some low spots, but really not sure how beneficial it would be? Guess I can still mark the spots, it just won't show the water/land .... Does anyone on here actually make use of this functionality and find it useful? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the information, but I'm wondering why this wouldn't have been included with new boat purchase? Should I be going back to the dealer or do Canadians need to purchase their own?
  6. Nice!! how do I get that loaded on GPS
  7. Wondering if anyone knows if there are Canadian maps available for the GPS systems. I'm the newish owner of a 2014 FX22, and it appears to only have US maps, as everything above the boarder just appears as a huge yellow wasteland. Perhaps I'm missing a setting somewhere? Appreciate the help. Thanks

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