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  1. I have a had a 2005 centurion Lightning has been working great all summer Went to drop it in the other day and it turns but won’t fire No fading from the battery like that’s bad and it cranks just fine Fuel pump primes and you can smell the fuel any suggestion If I use the clutch and push the throttle all the way forward it fires and gurgles at the end thanks in advance hoping someone has experienced the same
  2. I'm 5'7" 230 and ride a few Phase Fives I had both the Flyboy and the Big Boy Flyboy I never got comfortable with my short legs on the BBFB and would pearl the flyboy at my size I also had a trident and then got a new one with the new tail design and didn't like how slow it had become Currently I have a 57" Wire fun surf style 62" Kong longboard and 57" Drew Diamond good skimmer and put a smaller skim fin on I probably ended up riding the Kong the most last year it is surprisingly nimble for such a big board
  3. I have a 2005 Centurion Lightning with the Mercuriser 350 I pulled 4 blue plugs Is there any others to get the water drained out of the block Have to go away for work for a week and can't get it into the shop Also how are you guys charging your batteries during the winter with the 2 deep cycle batteries in here is there a trickle charger I can set them up on together Thanks in advance
  4. Do these this seem right Fuel Filter Part Number 35-802893Q01 Manufacturer Mercury Quicksilver CURRENT Oil Filter Part Number 35-866340Q03 Manufacturer Mercury Quicksilver CURRENT
  5. Looking for what to use for an oil and fuel filter for my 2005 Centurion Lightning with a MerCruiser 350 Mag MPI Tow Sports Engine Looking to see if there is a non marine option as I don't have a inboard dealer within an hour of me
  6. I am looking at having a Bimini top made for my 2005 lightning Does any one happen to have one that could provide some measurements such as pics and support leg lengths etc I've got a pretty good canvas shop that can help me out but would like to give them some measurements Thanks in advance
  7. So I am seaworthy again Turned out when it arced it fried a 50 amp fuse back by the starter and the intermittent starting was cased by the slave starter solenoid picked up parts from a marine dealer today and had them in and ready to go by evening Vacation can start tomorrow
  8. Well now I've got something else going on I got a big spark while cleaning the contacts as it worked when bridged with a needle once pliers and was hoping it was due to a a little rust on those contacts and now I have nothing when I turn the key The radio button works and I have full power at both batteries Hoping somewhere I just popped a fuse or something !
  9. RhuntIII thanks you found it I jumped the gap and got it to start numerous times anyone know if this is a proprietary part or would it be readily be available from a big marine dealer like a marine max (not my first choice but 45 miles away and biggest dealer around) Sorry to be so impatient but we leave for vacation on Wednesday so that hinders delivery time
  10. So I'm not great with engines Is that the push button circuit breaker?? Thanks In advance
  11. I have a 2005 centurion lightning with the 330-horsepower MerCruiser Just replaced the front and rear battery I'm having intermittent starting issues It eventually starts but sometimes when I go to turn the key I get nothing No clicking like it's trying to start, I can hear a relay go on back by the engine but no starting But, if I try eventually it starts strong, sometime 5 turns of the key sometimes 10+, but it always starts and hasn't left me stranded. (Knock on wood)! Any ideas Cleaned terminals and contacts on batteries when I replaced them this week It's weird hopefully some else has experienced this before I drag it in and get in deep with a mechanic
  12. I am looking for any leads on a Bimini for this boat We just had a newborn, and when I bought the boat it didn't have one so looking for one now
  13. CREW DEAL: 2015 DECKadence Marine Flooring

    Pm'd is there still a chance to get in on this Thanks
  14. The big boy is sweet!

    Sorry slacked off and didn't check this forum PM me if interested I need at least a large skim to trade but would sell for a fair price It's in great shape

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