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  1. Anyone ever replaced a locker latch on anything around an 03? I have an 03 hurricane and both latch handles have been broken. I'm looking for a decent replacement? Thanks Sean
  2. What part of it failed? The teeth got chewed up?
  3. IS Squirt fins and rack?

    Thanks for the info. I was worried that It might be too fragile to put in a rack. I ride a triple x slasher and I'm sick of not being able to put it in a rack.
  4. My buddy just picked up a used Is squirt for my wife and himself. They ride our cwb ride now. I'm hoping this will be something they can progress a little more on. It only comes with one fin and I think I should add one or two more to start. Anyone able to tell me what fins I should get? Also is this board able to be stored in the tower rack? Thanks Sean.
  5. I'm going to get my upholstery redone in an 03 hurricane ( elite-v) and was hoping to get an idea of what some of you might have paid. The only estimate I have got so far was $4700. That seemed like it might be about $1000 too much. Thanks for any help. Sean

  7. Surf Wake Shaper

    http://gravitytools.com/home.html How about one of these
  8. 2000 Elite V surf ballast setup

    Definitely the 911. It took me a couple years to convince myself to spend the money on the new prop. After I got it I couldn't believe how much of a performance upgrade it was and I also get much better gas mileage with it.
  9. Forward drive stern surf

    When I had a stern drive I would ding the prop and have to have it fixed at least once a year. The trailer loading was definitely easier. I haven't hit the v drive prop in 6 years
  10. 2000 Elite V surf ballast setup

    Bow will ride much higher than at plane.if you have extra crew aboard have them sit in the bow until you reach surf speed. That helped us before we got a 911 prop
  11. 2000 Elite V surf ballast setup

    If you are able I would put the second 750 bag on top of the port locker 750 and fill to lockers capacity then the extra 400 on port seat and start filling bow last once boat is listing and try to only fill the port side.
  12. Forward drive stern surf

  13. Forward drive stern surf

    Watch out enzos there coming for you. http://blog.boattrader.com/
  14. Yes that included everything.

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