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  1. Great looking boat! Looks like you already have the wave pretty dialled in.
  2. Also check the trans fluid level. If it's even a little low it will cause it to slip.
  3. Soulcraft fin setups

    I don't have a fang tail but I have a jetty squash tail and like H20 said the more aggressive you are the board just gets better. I use the fins that came with the board and if you pump it it is a very fast board.
  4. Avalanche hull changes?

    Ours is a 2010 model. It has the taller deck,provision dash,PCM 343 motor and right hand rotation prop for an excellent goofy wave.
  5. Our boat did the same thing. It does go away after some time in the sun. I now fold up white towels a place them in the bow and on the outside of the sun pad.
  6. You'll still have a good wave on the regular side it just takes a little more weight to get it to clean up. Our boat is right hand rotation and when we have 1 or 2 more people in the boat the regular wave is excellent. I removed the stock 250 side tanks and put in 400's
  7. 2006 ENZO sv230

    You can look at the hub of the prop. It will tell you the diameter,pitch and LH or RH rotation. It's stamped in the prop behind the nut that holds it to the prop shaft. The V drive will also have a tag on it to tell the rotation. There was an Enzo listed for sale on this site about a month ago that had been converted to RH rotation. I think it was Tom Bug.
  8. Check the RCA plugs under the dash. They seem to work loose every once in a while. You will see a box/module that they plug into. Make sure they're all seated properly.
  9. They usually take ATF. probably dexron. Just under 2 litres but you should check your manual to be sure.
  10. The REAL scary part is when the surfer falls and the 2 boats have to come to a stop. The 2 waves coming up from behind are sketchy! Also when the surfer falls sometimes the board gets carried away with the wave between the boats.
  11. Very nice boat Dark! My buddy was wanting that boat very bad. The flake looks great!
  12. Sorry to hear that Dark:( I know you put a lot of research into finding your dream boat. Hopefully you will find the right boat with the perfect wave.
  13. We have a Inland squirt as well. Very nice durable board and as Dark said you can swap out the fins for surf or skim. I actually ride it a fair bit just to change it up from my soulcraft.
  14. Christmas came early!

    WOW! That is nice, what length is it?
  15. On my 2010 I just took out the 6 Allen head bolts on the center of the steering wheel and lined it up so it was straight. I think you should be able to do the same. If you mean it's pulling to one side see above post^^

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