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  1. I'm calling BS

    same listing in georgia
  2. size dial for 04 hurricane

    I think it is 3.5 i just cant get to the lake to see. thanks for the help
  3. prfest pass size for my 04 hurricane. i think its just the elite v ? carbon fiber dash if it helps?
  4. need help on a speaker box

    2.2 cu ft . it was made for a 12 " exile
  5. need help on a speaker box

    im not near my boat but i want to buy a box that was built for an older moomba (under dash) i have an 2004 cent hurricane .will this box fit ? Dimensions of the box 25.5 " long 14'tall 15"deep. holds a 12 "sub in your opinon will this fit
  6. black friday for boats

    yeah i picked up a pair of xm 7 last year . the quick release is nice
  7. black friday for boats

    @ socially distorted did you ask for demos? usually when you do and they dont have any they will drop the price.
  8. black friday for boats

    40% at H20 . got a hundred off some board racks
  9. black friday for boats

    exile 35% today
  10. black friday for boats

    exile was doing 20 %
  11. Any good web sites for boats doing black friday deals
  12. Nylon backing better than the fuzzy backed for controling mildew
  13. @trailer valet i dont have any on hand or i would . thanks
  14. i get what your saying . im thinking along the same line . what oz are you going with
  15. im probably going to do some carbon fiber vinyl to give it some texture as well

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