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  1. Thanks everyone. I re-tried it this weekend with both 400lb fat sacks in the port side locker. At about 2000 RPM's and 10-11 MPH the wake started to clean up. With a slight port side turn, it was quite clean. I only had my two (light) boys in the boat so assume that with more people, it would have been quite good (and/or I could have eliminated the turn). Great recommendations from everyone.
  2. I just purchased some Fly High fat sac's for my boat. The pair of sac's are about 400 lbs each and I put them in the storage areas on either side of the engine. In addition, I borrowed a friends sac that I put on the port side seat (about another 400+ lbs) and filled up the factory hard ballast and runs down the centre of the boat. While I have a huge wake, it is very frothy...so much so that it makes it difficult or impossible to wake surf. It does clean up slightly if I take a port side turn but I would just be going around in a tight circle if that was the case. I've attached a picture of the wake. A friend suggested that I might need to replace the prop as he felt the was having to rev too high to get to a surfing speed (approx 2000 rpm for 8 mph and 3000 for 12 mph). I tried the higher speed to see if the wake would clean up but it didn not. Any suggestions? Thanks, Steve in Victoria, BC
  3. Thanks Weekender. I only have the option of one battery or both, not 1 or 2 or both. I'll check with my local dealer unless anyone else has any great ideas.
  4. Hello, I'm just new to boating and have a question regarding the proper use of the dual batter set up on my 2004 Centurion Elite V-Drive. The battery is equipped with a cranking battery and a deep cycle battery. It is also equipped with with a red battery shut off that allows the boat to work off of one battery or combined. My question is this: What setting (one battery or combined) should I use in the following scenarios: 1) Starting the boat 2) Running the boat 3) Drifting in the water with the music on 4) Drifting in the water while blowing up tubes or other such devises On the weekend, after blowing up my 3-person tube while drifting, the motor would not start on the one battery setting. I changed it to two batteries and it started fine. Thanks, Steve
  5. Cleat Placement

    Thanks for your help. Those placements make sense.
  6. Cleat Placement

    I paid $55 each from Centurion (and these "neat cleats" had the centurion name on the cleat). With shipping and duty (to Canada), it was a bit more but still better than buying generic ones from my local boating supply store.
  7. Hello, My 2004 Centurion Elite V-Drive Air Warrior with Proflight Tower does not have any cleats. I've ordered four (2 per side) from Centurion and would like to know where they should be located. I'm thinking 1 to 1.5' from the back and a foot ahead of the front tower foot. This would allow me to hang a bumper off the back cleat and tower and run the dock ropes from the back cleat and the front cleat. When I'm rafting I would use the back hook (for the tie down) and the front hook (for the trailer). Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. My Centurion does not have any snaps (or cleats for that matter but that's a whole nother post). I'm looking for a cover that would go over the whole boat, used while stored at home, while trailering and overnight at the lake. I've found a few online in the $480 range plus a custom cover (as recommended by Crew Junky) for $815 plus shipping from Everett. I'm leaning towards the custom cover as you don't need tie downs when trailering. Thoughts?
  9. Hello, I am trying to purchase a new cover for my recently purchased 2004 Centurion Elite V-Drive Air Warrior. It has a tower on it and I cannot identify what type it is (Extreme or Proflight). Can anyone comment and perhaps recommend a good place to purchase a cover. Thank you, Steve from Victoria, BC

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