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  1. Troy. R no I didn’t contact them but ya kinda sucks cuz I have the xl Bimini. But check these out. Might work for you if you have a money tree.
  2. Troy. R This my be a solution for you
  3. Has anyone found a flag mount for the Maximus tower with the XL Sewlong bimini? I found one place that has the mount but not for the XL bimini. I got to have our nation’s colors flying.

    Troy. R Yes the top pic was from this weekend. We spent a couple days at the Springs do to the blackout in Parker. Our house was 100 degrees Thursday night so we took a short road trip. The deep water makes bigger waves for sure.

    Just wanted to say hello to the group and share my new ride. We purchased this 2020 Centurion FI25 a couple weeks ago. After putting about 30 hours on it we couldn’t be happier. We love all of the new tech and features on this boat Our other boat is a 2006 Enzo SV230 which we loved and used a lot but does not compare to this Fi25. The wife calls it a surf limo.
  6. New surf boat

    Just picked up this beautiful 2020 FI25.
  7. Which way do you turn?

    I would have to agree with the right turn. Just seems like the boat turns better for me that way, the wave helps turn the boat for you. I have a 230 Enzo and mostly surf on the regular side. The only thing that I do a little differently is I never go around the rider to pick them up. On my way back to them I head straight at them then turn to the right again and put it in neutral. Once you get the timing right the swim step ends up right in front of them. No paddling for the rope that way. When the boat goes around the rider they always have to chase the boat to get the rope since the back of the boat is turning away from them. All this is done at idle speed. Seems a lot quicker to get going again too. It works for me : p
  8. Centuron Crew Flag

    I'm down. Love to hoist one up
  9. Our Surf Boat

    Our Enzo
  10. River trip 6-24-11

  11. So, which surf rope?

    Troy, Thanks for the suggestion, I like the free rope offer.
  12. So, which surf rope?

    Great, Thanks for the info. I've seen several older Blue Lakes for sale but all were only 2 fins. I'll wait till I find a quad. A rope with a small handle makes sense. I'll put one on my Christmas list for Mama Santa. How about the vest's. Any favorites?
  13. Since I'm new to the sport I have a lot of questions. I've seen a lot of pics with a lot of different ropes being used. Some with handles and some without. It's time to buy those stocking stuffers so which rope is the best? Handle or no handle? What length and where to buy? I know they are only used to get going but I want to get the right gear. I'm 6'3" and 235 so I'm leaning toward the Blue Lake or Liquid Force Venture. I figure that will be a good starter board. Any suggestions?
  14. Big - Absolutely help yourself to it. I made all of the drawings on Excel and would gladly send it to you in that format if you would like.

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