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  1. Supra SG vs. RI 237

    hahaha, cummin not stroken, now that's just funny.
  2. Supra SG vs. RI 237

    @nwsports I said "a bit bow high" because in the voice over in the video I am doing my best to give a good honest review of each boat and how it did, without being too negative. I PERSONALLY think it was excessively bow high, and I said that on the video in such a way so that it would give a potential buyer just a heads up to check for himself. Because in the end, I honestly am not trying to put someone in the boat I want them in, but I want to see someone find their best boat and be very happy with their purchase. On many occasion, friend, acquaintance, whatever, people I speak to pick different boats than I would and I am very happy for them. So what I am trying to say is, just make sure you check those things out before you buy, if you think the boat can be weighted up front, or the rise isn't a problem for you, ignore what I am saying. But that is the reason FOR ME, that it wasn't on the top of my list, and it was definitely noticed by others at the event. There is NO question, the boat did well and you would be surprised by how much flack I got at the time for giving it such high praise, but I felt it deserved it. I was 20 feet away from that wake filming it myself and it WAS that long. Just understand, I didn't choose Supra to work with, and then decide which boat I liked best. It was the other way around, but that is OK that we think differently on the issue.
  3. Supra SG vs. RI 237

    Again, this is my personal opinion. And I will say this in this tight forum, but I left out of the review... 1. That boat rode SUPER bow high. It does not like weight in the front of the boat, and so it was sticking up pretty bad. The centurion lines normally have a bit of a rake, but this much more pronounced. So much so, the driver was having to stand a lot to see over the windshield. I also followed up and found out that wasn't a "we don't have the wake dialed in yet" issue. Sometimes something like that, people go, "oh, if we put the plate to here, then we can add weight up front and all is good." But after follow up, I was told it was the same. 2. The interior is HUGE no argument there, but it just doesn't feel like it is the quality you would expect for a boat of that price, and I have heard this from lots of others. 3. I would say that yes, the wave was VERY impressive, longest I have ever seen and people loved it. But I wouldn't say it "won the event" unless you are only counting what people said about the wave. That said, I will say again, as I did in the video, the wave was great, I am still not very fond of that shape, but that is MY opinion. If we are only referring to the wave, anyone who buys that boat will most likely be happy and impress their friends. ;-) Its funny, but when we resigned our previous relationship, some made comments asking me if I was going to Centurion because of what I said on the video. Just a bit of fun trivia there. ;-) For the record, I went with Supra, because that is the boat we personally wanted to ride in, and that was the company we wanted to work with. I would have approached Centurion if I wanted an Ri257. (Not to say they would have had me, I have NO idea. ) I only approached one company. We try to be as honest as possible with that stuff, and I am glad you got to see the 257 wave do so well, because of that effort for honesty we felt if we tried to go to multiple places, that didn't fit. It was go big or go home from our perspectives, but again, much of that is based on my/our subjective opinions. Here are some pictures. Now when/if they resolve that weight issue, that boat would be much higher on my personal list of best waves. I also completely understand that many may not care or agree about the nose up issue. ;-)
  4. Supra SG vs. RI 237

    Howdy, we did a review of a 2016 SG, and the owner, Dan, is selling it, and getting another, same boat. He loves it. My experience with Supra was that I didn't like the wake as much say in 2014 or so, it was more rolled over, but to be honest, I didn't like it as much in the same way I didn't like the Centurion wake, and I mean no offense, we just prefer a more lippy wave, where the lip forms closer to the boat, like our RZX did. Either due to hull changes or just adjustments to their systems, or whatever, when we did this review I saw the kind of wake I really like, it was excellent. The interesting thing, if you really like the more rolled over wave, it is still there, you just weight/adjust a bit differently. We moved to Supra because the wave is outstanding, and to our liking. Once you like another wave as much or better than your own or your previous fav, its about which boat is the BETTER boat. Some of that is more subjective, like style and layout, and some is less subjective like build quality, technology and engineering. We moved to Supra because the Wave was at least as good, more adjustable, and the quality, tech, engineering are spot on. This is just personal, but that SE, the style, layout, and looks on the water give me a chubby. ;-) Here is the video review, hope it helps. The Ri237 is a good boat and def makes a great surf wave, but I think there are plenty of folks on here that can tell you those details better than I. ;-)
  5. #prayforgodzilla video and reviews are up

    @nick email me anytime at robert - at - wake9 - dot - com. Would love to have you surf with all of us. @hillside I don't disagree, we NEED the rain. But I LOVE surfing in the fall with my family. We had Chris Kinsey from Texas and the Woodards from out by you out today and tomorrow. It was a bit windy but we had the after bay to ourselves, except for 2 fisher man.
  6. #prayforgodzilla video and reviews are up

    We rented a pontoon boat for chase footage and a lady who was in early pregnancy riding wasn't feeling well. The pontoon boat went to get him from the Z3. Everything was done safe and the pontoon was idling to the back of the boat but when Dennis went into neutral, it didn't work, so he put in reverse, still nothing. He is only going 3 mph at the most at this point, but getting too close and so he gives more throttle in reverse and the boat lurched FORWARD and ran up the back of the Z3. There was minimal damage and the lady was fine, but it was very scary at first. It LOOKED like she was hit and run over by the pontoon, but she just got stock between the pontoons and was safe. But she went into shock. Ended up with only some minor bruises and sore the next day. State rangers interviewed all and did a full investigation and we were completely above board and safe, it was just a freak thing. Funny thing is, that lady and her husband went home and bought a Z3. ;-) We all sat down and asked what could we have done different, and there was really nothing. The only thing is that we thought maybe no one should be on the swim step until the boat is docked, but who holds them off? I dunno, I am just glad no one got hurt. This is how I found out that the RZX with the 575 will do 40 MPH easy and still have throttle left. I kept up with the sheriff in a jet boat to get to the dock.
  7. #prayforgodzilla video and reviews are up

    I will post it on wake9.com and our Facebook page. It has been the second weekend in October for the last 3 years. We usually start announcing/preparing in August, but this year with the drought, it was touch and go.
  8. #prayforgodzilla video and reviews are up

    @hillside. We didn't include the FS33 in the reviews because not enough people rode it and I talked to the driver and he said he was having some issues with his custom ballast and so he didn't feel great about it. I did give you credit at the end of the video still, and was very thankful for helping us get that boat there. Yes, this is a bucket list event. I got to drive the RZX all weekend which I haven't done since the very first Polar Bear event. It is such a blast to do that. I think the drivers have the most fun because you get to meet every group. It is so crazy how the groups GEL together over the weekend. Each group has its own jokes and start acting similar, its VERY fun to see. And there is nothing funner for me than seeing someone smile when they get on the wake and are enjoying themselves.
  9. #prayforgodzilla video and reviews are up

    Thanks very much. The video was edited by Ashley Chugg, he does a great job.
  10. #prayforgodzilla video and reviews are up

    Hmm, not sure how to embed on here, I think I got it. ;-)
  11. The 238 did a great job, along with all of the other boats. A RI237 was supposed to be there but fineline sold the boat to a customer as I understand and it couldn't make it. Hope to see one next year.
  12. fs33 gph test

    Hey guys, not lurking, I just saw this. 2 things... 1. The FS33 makes a great wake in my opinion and I have said that to many, and on both sides. I have seen it for myself and I think our polar bear event did a lot to let people get a good view of that boat. 2. Fuel economy is what it is to the specific owner. It matters to some, not to others. Many surf boats are at least double what we are getting, and when you weight evenly 3-4x sometimes. The numbers I gave are actual, and I know are unbelievable, I didn't believe it myself when i started measuring. But I have pictures of every gas receipt. Also, the boat has a 48 gallon tank and we ran 10 hours straight a few times during the event and there is no where to fuel and with many witnesses. I always encourage everyone to buy the best boat for their own family, and we surf with everyone no matter what they ride, or who they ride for. As far as my numbers, they are true and accurate and are 95% surfing, cuz that is all we do. Here is my detailed log if you want to see it. I am at 70 hours, but the last entry won't be in there til I get gas, even though I know what I used based on the gauge. Anyway, to the OP, the FS33 makes a great wake and I am sure it will make you a happy wake surfer. If you are anywhere near us, feel free to come out and surf with us. http://bit.ly/z3-gas
  13. polar bear

    I have seen T22s make a decent wave with less, it doesn't take that much, but he wanted to go nuts with his boat.
  14. polar bear

    @carter13 Now you understand why 4GPH vs 8GPH is so important to me! When you spend that many hours wakesurfing with your family, its a huge expense. We also keep our boat in a slip, so many times have to pay marina price, which is always $1 more per gallon or so. I will say that maybe 25% of those hours are for events and the like and so I am not paying for fuel, but the rest is all us. ;-) @darksideR The first 2 years I manually entered the data, but last year we wrote an application that takes in the data from an online form and we just have a bit of massaging to do get it to display in that interface. The main thing is getting all of the boards in and chasing down everyone to fill in the data, like herding cats. I probably enjoy reading through all of the reviews as much or more than anyone else, I read every single one. Glad others are enjoying it.
  15. polar bear

    I don't know where 3000 came from, more like 1800. It's like an urban legend or something. It is the original engine and runs as good as the day we got it. We did replace the transmission around 1200 hours or so.

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