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  1. CREW DEAL: 2018 CenturionCrew.Com Spare Tire Cover

    If this didn't happen yet I am in for one.
  2. I have the same issue on a 2002 with the 350 mag. I haven't tried to diagnose anything, one of these days I'll get the multimeter out. Did you have any luck?
  3. 2011 Supreme 226: $64K

    I'm a Centurion owner (2002 Escalade) and former Supreme employee. I can tell you for sure the v226 is not a copy of any boat with the exception of the pickle fork style. It was all designed in-house. Its deep and its pretty sick. I never surfed it so I can't comment there but as already mentioned, the interior could use some polishing. Alot of polishing... I'll look around and see if I can find the concept photos from the original designer, it was going to look much like the Tiges originally. IMO the original concept renderings look way better than it turned out. I really liked the Supreme V212. Sick wake for riding when pumped full. Screw an enzo, get an avalanche ;D I'm not biased at all. Edit: First off edited for grammar. I also worked at a Centurion dealership for 3 years. I don't wanna post negative about either on the forums but if you have some particular questions about certain models I'll share what I have seen. Shoot me a PM or email. Namadio@iupui.edu
  4. I have a 350 mag doing the same thing =( Lemme know if you figure anything out. New plugs, wires, and fuel filter is on my todo list...
  5. Swim platform

    What does it cost to get a fiberglass platform from centurion? I have a 2002 that is not holding up at all.

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