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  1. They just finished it last week, but there were some parts that were backordered.
  2. I did the same thing memorial day weekend and had to replace everything under the boat and get a little fiberglass work done.
  3. Going to get her out of storage. Finally

  4. ICON 8s

    I believe It is a 8" speaker in a 6.5" housing. Corect me if I am wrong though.
  5. Mine came with the billet one and it never gets hot
  6. REV 410

    There is a video on youtube of the 410 playing
  7. Duck Season comes in Saturday. At least I have something to get me through the winter

    1. RhuntIII


      "Knock'em Down!" That's what we're doing every winter. I'm starting a hunting topic so the hunters can talk shop.

  8. Misc.

  9. Wetsounds Wattage

    I'd say so. If not I'd like to see who was lol
  10. Wetsounds Wattage

    Alrighty I appreciate the advice and it's always fun to be the guy.
  11. Wetsounds Wattage

    I was thinking about getting the REV 8s and 10s when they came out and try to run them off one amp, and if I did that I would have to go over the RMS rating on the 8s the give the 10s enough power and I didn't want to screw up a $1000 set of speakers.
  12. Wetsounds Wattage

    For those who are running wetsounds how many watts are you running to them? Are you running them at RMS? a little over? or under?
  13. Wetsounds and Evolution Tower

    yea my boat is in storage right now so I was having a hard time remembering how tall the tower was. I saw an evolution tower with a pro485 on the wetsounds website an it had me wondering.
  14. Wetsounds and Evolution Tower

    Alright, thank you I didn't know if two 80s would fit I figured they were to big
  15. Im going to be buying wetsounds before season come back around and would really like to do the 3some but I am concerned about head room. Will the Pro485 hang to low on the evolution tower or is my better bet to go with a pair of 60s and a pair of 80s?

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